Updates and….A Response from Donald?

Re: An article from http://www.newsobserver.com

Thursday, October 1, 2009 5:28 PM
From:”Concerned Citizen” <firedonaldreaves@yahoo.com>
To: “Donald” <reavesdj@wssu.edu>
Cc: hgage@ec.rr.com, ebowles@northcarolina.edu
Ahhhhh….and so the great Donald Reaves does, in fact, read the Blog.  The fact that you responded at all further demonstrates how unfit you are to continue on as Chancellor.  Now, we want your two direct reports to scroll to the bottom of this response and see your email to me (You even get a little chippy at the end…behavior of a man unworthy of the title Chancellor…you did the same thing (got chippy if not combative) with a student football player last week in KR Williams, didn’t you Donald?  
You, a Chancellor, actually responded to a nobody, an emailer, a blog who thought that if they got enough facts out into the public domain on you it would provoke a response from you….and it did!  And the response itself is simply childish and ought to be beneath a man of your supposed stature:
“People have done worse things than what you are accusing me of so why are you bothering me…ohh, and I signed my name.” 
Are you serious….you have a Ph.D. and that’s your logic…that we should look for more serious criminals and sign our names?  Your response reflects leadership and maturity???
Truly outrageous…..
Beyond that, your arrogance at this stage is unbelievable.  Your willingness to twist the truth is unchallenged.  Do you really think anyone with a quarter of a frontal lobe will ever believe that Harold Martin left you the “mess” you describe?  Do you believe for a nano second that if there were any truth to what you say President Bowles would have kept the man at General Administration and then appoint him to lead, perhaps, the greatest hidden gem in the south east?  Do you really believe that you can say the things that you say in your office and in your meetings (that end up widely disseminated through the Black, and now, the White community in Winston), and get away with it?  Does your pompous nature have no bounds? 
You surround yourself with unqualified people who are looking for second or first chances so that you might lord over them.  You bring in a friend to run HR who is 100% incompetant as a favor to his wife.  You pay a “consultant” nicely so that you might bypass normal procedure.  This will be your legacy at WSSU, Donald:  Arrogance, nastiness, shortsightedness…a man of little compassion who feels that WSSU and the city is beneath him.
The people of the state of North Carolina will have their school back..the tax payer will have their school back.
Why don’t you do everyone a favor: swallow your pride and resign the position for personnal reasons?  Or, at least, work out your remaining two years in silence as to stop embarassing your boss and the BOG.  Pride is going to get you embarassed. 
And….isn’t there a Secretary in your office who has forged a few signatures, abused a few people, and lately, included us on a listserve mailing of no fewer than 60 people with an attachment of some pretty insinsitive material….isn’t that right? (By the way, did you know that such WSSU illuminaries as ROBERT BOTLEY and a FORMER CHANCELLOR’S WIFE were also on that list….did you know that?) You’re trying to cover that up too, aren’t you Donald?   Yes yes…we believe that lastest version of the lie that will be hitting your desk soon, President Bowles, is that Ms. Dalton-Rann “lost her Blackberry”.
Also make sure you ask Donald about the Alcohol purchased for the FAMU game through the foundation (or Aramark).  While we appreciate you having our favorite spirit on site, Donald, does it really make a difference if the foundation or Aramark purchased the liquer when you know full well the public is constantly looking for such expenditures to throw in the faces of state leadership?  You’re smart enough to know better but too arrogant to care, and that’s your problem.
We’ve got a solution for you:  Why don’t you fire everyone in your immediate office, everyone on your cabinent (none of whom believe you will be here past December and two of which have resume’s out and active at schools in Ohio, NY, and South Carolina) and take your meetings and phone calls on the planet Romulous….your confidences (or blunders) would be better kept and that’s the only way you’re going to stop the ACCURATE information flow to this website/blogger.
We were gone and your arrogance has revived our will.   We know we can’t touch you right now, Donald..you know it and we know it.  You’re too numb between the ears to understand that the noose is firmly around your neck…that the “spooks”, as you like to refer to black people, have very defetly manuvered you into position (let me give you a hint, smart guy: three of them sit on your Board and work in silence, too).  We can’t touch you right now…but you’re dirty, Donald….and we’re patient. 

On Mon, 8/10/09, Donald <reavesdj@wssu.edu> wrote:

From: Donald <reavesdj@wssu.edu>
Subject: An article from www.newsobserver.com
To: firedonaldreaves@yahoo.com
Date: Monday, August 10, 2009, 1:55 PM
Donald has sent you the following story:

Since you have taken time to speak about my activities, I thought you might like to know that other administrators in the UNC system have been involved in even greater crimes than those ascribed to me. Sincerely, Donald J. Reaves P.S. You will note that I have signed my name.

Ex-university brass get leaves, payouts


Last year, North Carolinians gave Beverly Washington Jones six months of pay — $104,000 — as she left the provost’s job at N.C. Central University so she could prepare for her return to the classroom.

Jones took the UNC system-sanctioned administrative leave at the same rate of pay she earned as NCCU’s top academic officer. But she didn’t return to the university. At the end of the six-month leave, she retired.

Jones, a Durham native and former Durham school board member, said recently that though she had intended to return to teaching, a research project became so consuming that she retired to devote all of her time to it. Neither NCCU Chancellor Charlie Nelms, who removed Jones from the position as he created a new Cabinet, nor UNC system officials could require Jones to come back as a history professor or to return the $104,000.
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  1. Donald Reaves has no interest in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County. He has and never will invest in this community because once he finds out that he will have to retire, asked to leave or just throw up his hands in disgust, he will be out of this community as quickly as you can say ” Jack Sprat “. Reaves, wants to skip town now but he likes the $ 200,000.00+ he is bringing in every year on the taxpayers back. He did nothing to try to push for Division 1. He didn’t even ask the business community to help. With Reaves attitude and hostility towards the community no one stepted forward to help. Erskine will soon see that Reaves is not supporting the people that support his plush style of living.

  2. Go to: http://www.ncauditor.org. Check out WSSU’s findings. It is the worst in the university’s system.The credit goes to none other than Chanclor Donald Julian Reaves.

  3. So, it seems that Hurricane Bill hits campus tomorrow. Watch your back Tonia. The prediction is that you will be his first victim.

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