Leaders Who Happen to Be Minority….

…..we guess you have now been officially put on alert.  This writer sent this letter to us for posting.  It appears that the media (WS Chronicle) and some of our leaders in the community and around the state are denying knowledge of the situation at WSSU.  Well, every minority member of the NC State House and Senate has now been sent a link to this posting.  Now, there is no denying.


Dear Black Board of Governors Members, Black Caucus, and NAACP (and others)

We are going to make sure that you know it all and when the ax falls you can’t say that you were not aware of the problems at WSSU.

Reaves has covered-up miss appropriation of funds by one of his executive assistants and refuses to take appropriate action.  This has been reported to General Administration with audit reports and related documents.

Donald Reaves wasted two years bashing Harold Martin about Division I.  He could have made a decision when he came in 2007.  At this point we would have been back in Division II or in Division I.

Reaves does not have the ability to raise money.  Instead of getting out and working the community, he is just adding people to these departments.  As you well know it is not the staff that the community wants to see: it is the Chancellor of the institution!

Reaves has lost the trust of entire community (white, black, and other).  His abrasive, mean tirades including cursing and demeaning subbordinates has made people afraid to speak and students disgusted to even attempt communications.

He is destroying the educational program at this institution.  He has eliminated the child development center; he has moved the weekend evening program into enrollment management (a service area not an academics area); he has dismantled the graduate program.  He has no respect for the established tenure and promotion program (EDITOR NOTE: Which, in all seriousness, was flimsy and weak from everything that has been sent to us (faculty handbook).  The Chancellor went about the business of changing the procedures in a silly fashion but….we must agree with his motive on this one…the T&P program appears to be weak and in need of restructuring), SACS nor Research.

He uses the faculty senate for his advantage.  His classmate Dr. Shah and his friend Dr. Aileru ran the senate as Co Chairs last year.   Dr. Shah told the members of the senate what the Chancellor wanted them to do and that is what they did. Shah is still a member and Aileru in the vice chair for this year coming up.. 

The Tenure and Promotion policy was altered at the Chancellor level to include a criteria related to the length of time faculty had been at the institution (EDITOR NOTE:  Again…silly to do it this way but a needed change nevertheless).   Many qualified faculty were denied.  When questioned about this at a faculty meeting,  the Chancellor responded that he didn’t look at qualification he based his decision on time at the institution as recommended by the faculty.

He has sanctioned the misuse of state money by his administrative assistant. He communicates very little with the community. Walter Holmes’s contract from July 12, 2009 through June 30,2009 paid 55,000 for searches as determined by the Chancellor.”

Ivan Foster came in 2008 as interim……everyone knew that he was a friend of the family and he boasted that the Chancellor’s wife is his children’s God Mother.  Ivan moved here from Ohio with no experience in higher education and relitively little current HR experieince.  

 All total, this is an obvious abuse of the system and an obvious waste of  State funds.

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  1. I think it is important to understand that Evening-Weekend College and the Graduate School are not academic units; they are service/administrative units. The acadmic programs – evening-weekend and graduate – are owned by the academic schools and colleges at the university.

    The restructuring/realignment appears to be geared towards a more efficient and effective model for offering specific services to prospective and continuing students. It is a model that should work well for WSSU, a university where undergraduates (including evening-weekend students) represent approximately 92.7% of the overall enrollment and generate approximately 95.8% of the total student credit hours. Note: These percentages are based on information in the WSSU 2008-2009 Fact Book availabe on the http://www.wssu.edu website.

  2. Let’s talk about the efficiency. If you claim that students who are non-traditional will be serviced more efficiently by the admissions office, you are in for a big surprise. Do you know how many phone calls the GA Office receives from WSSU students? More than the whole UNC system put together. We get calls from GA to address those problems. We also know that DJ wants to dsimantle everything Chancellor Martin(true Chancellor)did for WSSU. Envy is one of those things that consumes little people like Donald.

    DJ thinks that Tomika LeGrande can save his day. Did I hear we have a better pool of students with ONE POINT higher in MATH in their SAT? Goodness gracious, Donald how did you do in your Statistical Analysis Class? Even 20 points in the SAT is not significant. You need to sit down with Lynn Berry to educate you in that subject.

    Donald, we did not laugh at your sick jokes during the Faculty Staff meeting. We did not think it was funny to make reference to G. Hunter as the “most popular” guy because he RIFFED people. Did you notice that we were not laughing and that we left the room because it was nothing but a waste of time? Even your buddy, SS left the room before the meeting was over. Please do not waste our time with an old recycled Strategic Plan!

    Dorcas Colvin, your performance was pitiful. After two years in Strategic Planning, paying the Johnson Company from CHICAGO as consultants, is that the best you could do? Alumni with a question mark! Was that an after thought? That is shameful.

    Gerald, next time Dr. Randall Mills prepares slides for you, try your best to understand them. You sounded illiterate and could not distinguish between Elizabeth City and Fayeteville, but it does not surprise us, you are from OHIO!

    Brenda, you have to do better. Making reference to Brown or Yale does not legitimize you. Please improve your use of ebonics.

    “This strategic plan will serve as uh guide Don’t make me come ovah there …”

  3. No new post lately? It’s a shame, but apparently WSSU football heals all injuries. No one is mad when WSSU is playing in the MEAC. Maybe I should catch a game.

    I guess we can get back to the graduation rate in December when football is over.

  4. Questions 1. With $$$$$ so tight at WSSU, why was it necessary for co-chancellor RaVonda and all her AKA buddies to travel to Saturday’s game at school expense?
    Question 2. What has happened to this blog?

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