A Letter to the Chancellor: A Series #11

This is a letter sent to our inbox from a concerned faculty member who, we believe, has also forwarded this to members of the faculty on campus.:


Faculty colleagues,

Look at the administrators’ salaries.  This is the reason that these people are protecting Donald.  He has already destroyed the T & P procedures.  He has destroyed the integrity of the weekend and evening program by moving it to Enrollment Management, a sure sign that he absolutely does not know what he is doing.  Enrollment management is a service program not an academic program. 

Faculty don’t you know that this guy is destroying the academic, research and public service programs and athletics (i.e. the child development center).  And as long as the fat cats can go to parties at the Piedmont Club or the Chancellor’s house and get their salaries increased all of our problems will continue. You can forget academic excellence.  It will be interesting to know who receives an increase in salary this year at the expense of the people who were cut.

Wait until we face not meeting our enrollment projections because of the 200 student decrease in admissions.    Do you, Donald, know how much money 200 full time students will bring to this university?  You will know next year if we don’t meet our projections for this year!

He has destroyed an excellent lab for School of Education students (by cutting the early childhood center). He has cut the effectiveness of the Graduate School.  Remember he said that he cares nothing about SACS nor Research.   It is funny that his goal is increasing retention and the graduation rates.  He does not know that the lab for education students is a means to that end?  He does not know that the graduate school is a means to that end ?  He does not know that weekend and evening classes is a means to that end?  He does not know that the University College, not Enrollment Management, is designed to enhance programs and schools in increasing retention and graduation rates?  

What is the problem with the University College?  Why can’t Donald see the importance of this college for our young Hispanic, White and African American students?  He can’t see because it  is a product of Dr. Harold Martin.  There in lies the problem.  Reaves has tried to dismantle every aspect of the university that is connected to Dr. Harold Martin.  Donald, you will do a better job if your focus was not on Dr. Martin.  You will never measure up in any way to him.  It is a little strange that you have this obsession.

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  1. Why did Donald Reaves close the student development center? Why didn’t he understand that the center served as a lab for students? Why didn’t he understand that the center is a means to retaining students? He claims that the school was losing money on the development center. Why didn’t he have some of those paid marketing people to develop a plan? Has he bothered to tell the faculty about the center? By the time Reaves and his sidekicks leave WSSU it will look like some of those bured out, rundown buildings in Chicago.

    President Bowels, you have really disappointed the people of WSSU. You sent this man to to our campus without any input from the community or employees at WSSU. We have shared information with you about the administration. We have sent you infoermation about MISAPPROPRIATIONS of state funds and unnecessary spending of state money. We have told you about the abuse from Reaves and his administrators. We have told you about unfairness in the RIF plan.We have told you about his inability to raise funds. We have told you about his inability to get along with people in the city.

    You have done nothing for WSSU. It is more important for you to take care of NC State. This will end with or without your help.


    • Donald Mc Donald closed a ” day care center”, because he is so naive about the academic mission of the university that he cannot tell the difference between a day care center and a lab school. Why? He has never been in academia long enough to know any better. This is a man who came in with no academic experience, never got tenure, had a couple of years of teaching at Northeastern and ended up running a division of a welfare program for the state of MA. Look up his record in the Wall Street Journal, it will show how Brown lost millions of dollars in hedge funds under his care.

      He has been over his head since day one. Often hiding behind empty phrases, such as the “culture of low expectations”, and the “right people at the righ time.” So much so that now we have a Provost who has never been a chair, Dean or hard core administrator. Another marionette to manipulate his compulsion to wana be an academic administrator. He does not know his role as a Chancellor,and never will.

      The Village Fool is trying to run the HR Office with little experience and at the same time he is running his business in Shaker’s Heights, Ohio. His sidekick, Quasimodo, runs around trying to manipulate the Office of Affirmative Action to hire people that do not meet the necessary credentials as posted in the Chronicle. If you review the individuals chosen for these positons, you will find that they do not meet the minimum qualifications.

      What exactly does Dorcas Colvin do? Is she enrollment management, strategic planning or simply a pinch hitter for those long vacations that Donald takes to Vero Beach? Last year, he took over five-weeks of vacation time while the university was facing university budgetary problems. Was he entitled to that much time? I don’t think so. How much time did he really accumulate to take so many days? Who was watching Donald? Donald also chose a man who simply does not have the credentials to run the Business Office and moved Dr.Randall Mills to assist him because all the financial systems are broken.

      So who can tell me what Donald has accomplished during the last two years?

      Insult alumni and other members of the WSSU community.

      Bad mouth the university and his predecessor to make him look good.

      Hijack the senate, and I’m quite surprised that faculty have acquiesce.

      Not interested in graduate programs because he thinks that he can create a mini Brown at WSSU at the expense of graduate programs.

      His inability to lead, understand, create consensus and respect for established policies and traditions have destroyed WSSU morale and created a “toxic environment”.

      The graduate programs are in peril, as he publicly have stated that he has no interest in them.

      You have a group of Deans who are running around trying to keep low profiles so that Brenda Allen does not terminate them. Watch out Drs. Ford and Hammond, he has publicly stated that you will be next. Don’t let him fool you. He may seem jovial, send you to represent him at meetings and he will stab you in the back without flinching. Remember he has no conscience.

      The real clincher is that the Chancellor’s office has been run by a a dishonest and unethical secretary that will cheat,lie and manipulate others to benefit her, family members and her sorority. Madame Chancellor, we know that you forged and change the report sent to the BOT. Unfortunately, under the poor leadership of Nigel Alston, many BOT members were unaware of these shananigans.

      Mr. Alston, we are glad that you are no longer the BOT president. Continue writing your meaningless columns in the Winston Salem Chronicle.

  2. RaVonda Dalton-Rann,
    When the auditor from UNCGA come to interview you again, I hope you will be available. He has been here a time or two but you have been on vacation. He will be back. We will go to the Forsyth County DA and we will show him the paper work on where you forged names in order to use taxpayers money to purchase merchandise that should not have been purchased.GA might not do anything about it but we believe Tom Keith will.

    Dr. Reaves continues to say he knows nothing about it and that is because he is going to let you take the fall. RaVonda you will take the blame for everything because Reaves is saying he wasn’t here when it happened. You should try to get Reaves to find another position for you at your present salary of $ 95,000.00 a year.

    • RaVonda Dalton-Rann/Machelle Cook/ Donald Reaves, what lies did you tell the UNCGA Auditor on Friday, August 7, 2009? Did you tell him that the WSSU Development Fund paid for the liquor, hotel and food that were reported in the 2007 audit or did you say the Development Office would replace the $130,000.00? Whatever you said we intend to have the Forsyth County District Attorney look into this matter because it is a crime and coverup.

      Reaves,what is Walter Homes, your $ 150.00 an hour head hunter doing these days since he has nothing to do? We understand some of the employees you RIFFED unfairly are being brought back to work quietly in order for you to save face. When are going to post Nancy Young’s position? You know you can’t get away with this type of hire forever.

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