We’re back, and, More Comments on the RIF

SpookWe’ve been out of the country on business/vacation for the last week or so.  I’ve missed a few things but I thank you for bringing me back up to speed.  Please remember that if you have FACTUAL information you’d like to share send it to firedonaldreaves@yahoo.com.  We’re going to start doing a better job of fact checking as we’ve received some information recently (and posted it) that we’ve found to be true, but just barely.  We’ll talk about that later.  Another casualty of the RIF from the comments section below:


Dr.  Karl Rodabaugh, Director of Evening and Weekend Programs, was dismissed through the RIF plan.  The RIF plan was supposed to eliminate individuals paid from state funds. Dr. Karl Rodabough is paid through Title III federal funds.  This is a bad mistake in the eyes of the employees.  The financial and HR records on the individual were not checked.  He was also teaching a class that Provost Bailey did not know about.

This makes us wonder about criteria or the lack of criteria for cutting individuals. Did the planners bother to review records?  Was the provost anxious to dismiss this individual for some other reason? What will happen to his duties? Provost, did you bother to notice the significant number of students that have been brought in by this program?  Are you still angry because his area challenged your own school (the business school) to produce?

Now the RIF planners will have to gather and talk about how to get out of this situation. Many other individuals in HR, IT, payroll, accounting and the Provost’s office will have to clean up the situation.  State personnel and GA will have to reverse their records.  The Administration will probably dismiss another individual in his place.   Mr. Bowles, this is not good.  If you call the Chancellor he will say he knows nothing about this.  He is right.   But tell us, what kind of administrator would not take the time to make sure that every “I” is dotted and every “T” is crossed when it comes to something as significant and important in the lives of people in a RIF plan? 

Donald Reaves is on a permanent vacation at WSSU.  What are his duties?   If he is not responsible for what happens here then why is he here? By the way how much has this mistake cost the state?   WSSU not be able to take many more of these mistakes and misuse of funds.  Examples: $86,000 (financial aid) +$56,000 (Dr. Caldwell)+$350,000 (unexplained payment to the foundation)+$74,000 (misappropriations from chancellor’s office) + $55,000 (consultant Holmes) +$10,000 (wasted paint) +(table Clothes +1,000 (celebration at the Piedmont) and + many others including purchases of whiskey for chancellor, private flights for Kevin Myatt, Myatt’s trips in to play golf with Reaves, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and Links parties, those Chicago Strategic Planners and, most of all, the administrator salaries (plus the loss in student enrollment). The money that has been wasted at this university since Donald arrived would take care of a good bit of the cost that was supposed to have been saved through the reduction in force that is needed at this university.

When are you going to act, Mr. President?

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  1. “For the Blog Master”

    Has anyone caught on to the fact that the powers that be at WSSU are interviewing Michael Bailey from Division II Virginia Union University for the vacant A.D. position. Why? Because Reaves is planning to send WSSU back to Division II. Secondly, if Bailey can not raise funds at a backwater like VUU why would Reaves and the ignorant search committee place this guy in the top three candidates for A.D. consideration?

    First he does not know anybody (individual or professionally)in Winston-Salem; secondly according to VUU backers his personality is not D-I and definitely not what WSSU needs. But, according to some, he can be a nasty SOB like the original “Big Nasty” Don “truck driving, cuss um out and kick their azz) Reaves. Guaranteed if Bailey is in then the current WSSU athletic staff will be replaced in short order. They are too smart and sophisticated for a guy like Bailey. The word is Bailey is supposed to be Reaves’ hit-man!

    Quote from Onnidan “Sounds like ole (DELETED: Please watch your comments) (Reaves) is looking for a AD from the CIAA so, he can bring us back down.”

    What are they saying in the blogosphere about the situation at WSSU:



    Word to the wise: Remember the A.D. reports to the Chancellor. If WSSU can’t do any better than somebody from Virginia Union then, hell, we might as well bring Chico back. Better yet, might as well bring Al Roseboro out of retirement before signing this Bailey guy. For all his (Reaves) talk about the best and the brightest “ole (DELETED) Donald Reaves is doing the same HBCU shuffle that he accused Harold Martin of.

  2. Yes! The writings on this blog, even my own, are full of errors. This is not a scholarly publication. This is a blog where people post ideas. Just because there are errors does not mean the post should be taken down and deleted. Tin Man, you say you hate the “N” word and then post a poem with the word liberally used throughout your post.

    I am not sure your point; but, personal insults (if that was your purpose) serves no good. And, be careful about calling people uneducated. You might get embarrassed.

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