Spook-cover2Yes……I know…that’s the whole point.  This is the release from Nancy Young….the PR Director….the person in charge of messaging for the University…hired illegally by the Chancellor….still at the University…..no intervention from GA yet.  This is only the tip.  We’ve recieved so many examples of this nonsense from her desk.  We’ll share with you this week…….example below.

News Release

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  1. It is interesting that WSSSU has SAACs certificaion coming up next year and Donald Reaves has spent all of his time over the past two years at every turn on athletics and talking about how bad things are at WSSU, but not once has he mentioned anything about. He evern mentioned in the meeting that he did not care anything about SAACs. If the university isn’t certified the education from WSSU means nothing. And even though Reaves has spent so much time with athletics, he does not realize that part of the SAAC process is for the university’s athletics program must be a viable member of an athletics conference. Yet he has not made up his mind whether he will move back to Division II or not. What this means, the disaray in athletics will impact the SAAC certification. If WSSU is not certified athletics and everything on campus,(education, financial aid) will be affected. I cannot believe that SAACs is so close and no one seems to be concerned. SAACS certification is the most important thing to educational success at the university/college level.

    • I agree. SAAC certification if definitely one of the most important things the university can address. Does anyone remember when North Carolina Central University’s Business School lost its accreditation around 2005-2007? Not only was it embarrassing for the university but students were unable to transfer because other universities (even within the North Carolina system) would not accept NCCU credits. Enrollment in the MBA dropped significantly after that event. There are other HBCU exams across the nation.
      I always will continue with my theme: education first!


    I don’t believe that there is one alumni out there who will prioritize athletics over academics. These are integrated programs where one cannot gain support and not the other. This isn’t an after school art class that can be eliminated while we deal with the classroom. Their success go hand in hand.

    Beyond the financial analysis, we must also consider the impact on the university as it relates to leaving Division-I. Here are a few significant considerations:

     D-I requires 14 sports. Under D-II, you only have to have a minimum of 10 sports, which means we will most likely get rid of both track teams, minimally. This would appear to be a money saver for the university. Maybe for the first year. We then lose the use of our 1.5 million track field. We STILL have to pay a debt service fee for the track field and the $5 million Field House over the next 20 years. That debt doesn’t go away going back to D-II. We are looking to go back with debt we didn’t have when we WERE in D-II.

     We had schools lined up through 2014 where a minimum of one guaranteed game each year would pay for the expenses of the football team alone. Not only guaranteed money, but all travel expenses paid for. This would leave other revenue to support all of the other sports.

     It is being reported that we are among the last schools to be allowed to transition to D-I under this method of paying “along the way”. Going forward all schools entering D-I must generate all $6-8 million up front PRIOR to entering. Its either now or never for WSSU with only 1 more year to go. Worst case scenario, we have enough collateral in the university to borrow what we need for a short interim. It is not until a school is fully transitioned that they reap the financial benefits of belonging to DI as it is a revenue-sharing opportunity. D-II provides NO revenue for their schools.

    The UNC Board of Trustees President, Erskine Bowles stated to me last week via a handwritten note that it takes a “leap of faith” to believe that WSSU can afford to move up with its present size and athletic fee combined with the current support of the alumni and fiscal requirements of the NCAA D-I.

    I remind us all, that it has taken a “leap of faith” to do anything we have accomplished as a historically black college/university and as a people. Faith is one of our greatest tools when faced with challenges followed by the victories doubted by others. OUR UNIVERSITY MOTTO is “IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES”!

    Our CURRENT alumni financial support cannot be used as a measure for our ability to succeed. Our alumni are pleading for a university-led strategic plan to stay on course. We are not responding financially because there is NO PLAN! Please allow us an opportunity to try before closing the door. We are talking NCAA Division I-AA, a mid-major Division I. We can do this! There were major corporate businesses in discussion with our former leadership exploring their opportunity to FINANCIALLY contribute to our efforts. That opportunity for the infusion of money has been withdrawn before it was made public because the “word on the street” is that WSSU is going back to Division II. Major corporations are not willing to support at that level. The longer we discuss this and meet about this, WITH NO PLAN, the more difficult this becomes.

    FINALLY, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, we need a strategic plan that is linked to the mission and vision of our university to address enrollment, to succeed in attracting talented, academically-strong students, to provide strong undergrad and graduate programs, and to continue with our physical growth and campus expansion. We have not been presented with that. We attend meetings and teleconferences that speaks to the problems we have which were allegedly caused by our previous leadership. Some of the strategies discussed include re-routing our freshmen students who don’t perform well on placement tests to our local community college and then bring them into the university. How is that attracting talented, academically-strong students? It’s a bandaid, not a vision.

    The students have voiced their position of no confidence since last year. No action from the Board. The faculty and administrators will do the same if they are protected. Most fear losing their jobs. I know this first hand…I was recently on campus.

    The relevance of our athletic program to stay on course with Division I is directly linked to the overall direction and success of the university. It cannot be treated as a separate insignificant entity. In order for us to continue to be recognized by such external groups as US News and World Reports as a top performing school, we need to move ALL of our programs forward, both academic AND athletic….not backwards.
    USNews and World Reports NOW rank us at #17 among HBCUs and tied at #27 among baccalaureate colleges in the south. We use to be #1!!!


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