RIFs and The Final Straw

minstrealYesterday 16 people lost their jobs due to the Reduction in Force program implemented by the administration at WSSU.  This is after multiple drafts of the plan (or at least the letter that was to go to those who would lose their jobs) were rejected several times by the University System for being, among other things, uncaring and unprofessional.  Well yesterday just proved what we knew was the case all along: complete incompetence from top to bottom….a modern day minstreal show for all to see. 

We’ve discussed the Chancellor adnauseum.

HR….you’re a disgrace.

Compliance/EEO….you’re a disgrace.  If you signed off on this somebody at the State should have your job right along with the rest of those clowns.

And now we’re to the man of the hour….Gerald Hunter.  So Gerald….you finally got what you wanted: Your Budget Director’s head on a platter.  You see….you think you’re smart to cover your actions (which were retaliatory in nature as reported to me by EVERYONE who has ever heard you say that you didn’t like the Director and you wanted to get rid of her) with the RIF.  WSSU, you were told the RIF was about creating efficiencies through the elimination of “positions/programs…not people.”  So…they eliminated their Budget Program?  No:  they targeted an individual and treated her like she stole something from the University.

They walked her out of the building under police escort….

She wanted to go to Blair to tell her son what was going on and they kept her under police escort while she went…like she was being FIRED (not like they were sorry to see her go as would be the case if this were actually a professionally done RIF procedure and not a clown show for all to see). 

This is what they think of you, WSSU…they treat a RIF like a common firing. 

They don’t understand nuance….they treat their own people much worse than modern day professional white people ever thought about treating us. 

I’d love to compare the program at UNC-G and their handling of their folks to the shuffling and stepping show that is Winston-Salem State University under the leadership of this Chancellor. Gerald…you showed your hand…and you did it to a 30 year vet, a beautiful person and loyal employee.  You fired a person, not a position, and ALL of WSSU hopes she makes you pay for it.  You’re a disgrace!   You work for a disgraceful individual, and you’ve now helped turn a proud school into a poisinous environment.  It doesn’t matter how close she was to retirement…..you’ll come to understand that when you get a call from the legion of attorney’s you see lining up on MLK Jr. Drive.

And do you all know what the Final Straw is:  The Senior Administrators decided that today (one day after firing 16 people) would be a fantastic day to have a private party at the exclusive and expensive Piedmont Club to honor the “retiring” attorney and the transition of the Provost office to the incoming leader.  Mind you…they already had one modest celebration on campus for the attorney.  A day after firing 16 people….they decided to have an expensive party in a room overlooking the city….on University time and on the University account. 

You people in Administration have neither the sense God gave a gnat or the compassion of a goat!

How about paying for some career counseling for those you fired instead of a party at an exclusive club?

How about having some paid grief counselors on site for those you fired instead of desert overlooking the city?

How about giving folks some transition time instead of waiting until the last second to give them the news?

President Bowels…….the people of the City are waiting for your response.  WS Journal…WS Chronicle…the people of the City and WSSU are waiting for you to ask some questions….any questions.  Is there anyone out there listening to the people at WSSU…..or are you all at the party on the top floor at the Piedmont Club watching the spooks drown below?

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  1. It’s a shame these people lost their jobs, but more important, an integral program of the university was shut down. How do you justify closing a daycare center that trains men and women to be teachers, when they are needed in today’s society to education, not just your children and grandchildren, but mine also.

  2. I am not on the campus of WSSU but I truly sympathize with those who were laid off this week. In these tough economic times we all are worried of what budget cuts mean. And, because the North Carolina State government operates under a two year budget, I fear the true neglect of the administration is not telling the WSSU community that our politicians predict next year will provide a worse budget deficit than this fiscal year. Meaning, there will be more layoffs, more fear, and more tough decisions will be made next fiscal year (2010-2011).

    Also, being escorted out by police or security is not isolated to African Americans (See the WS Journal article about the firing of the Caucasian Connie Porter by her Caucasian employer at: http://www2.journalnow.com/content/2009/mar/13/supervisor-in-clerks-office-is-fired/) as just one of many examples.

    As for the Piedmont Club, most major businesses and ALL local colleges and universities have a membership. You should be happy they are using there membership. It makes sense debating the idea of keeping a club membership in these economic times but no one should complain about using something the university is already paying for.

    Again, good luck to the WSSU community with these and future budget issues we will all face in the future.

  3. Deacon1 you constantly show your stupidity. How do you think those memberships at Pedimont clubs are paid for? The answer is…this is not difficult..(With money from the University Foundations or Advancement areas. These funds could have been used to assist in some way to assit those who were fired rather than feeding Donald’s DELETED: Watch your content!!!)

    No sir Blog…the last straw was Jessica Bailey’s grin when she (DELETED: Please…watch your content and keep your comments factual)

  4. Again, I said we should debate having the Piedmont Club membership but there should be no debate in using what you have. It is similar to being mad at a person for driving le Lexus with limited income when the issue was the purchase in the first place.

    I agree, cutting a program that trains teachers hurts the university and the community. But, no matter what was cut (and we all know something had to be cut) we would not be happy. And, when I say “we” I mean the community at large as well as the WSSU campus.

    Finally, you can call me names all you like: it does not make your arguments stronger or make you right in what you say. In the end, your comments are edited, not mine.

  5. Multiple “wrongs” will never make a “right”…what about firing someone who is on Title III funds and is still teaching? What about individuals heading University-wide programs without the needed skills and experiences? Why are they still there? Bottom line: the RIF was handled in poor taste;the celebration should have been held on Campus;the membership should expire and not be used during this time of economic decline (is not the economy the reason for such drastic cutbacks?)

    • Barbara, I’m proud to see you stand up for what is right. If Reaves and his yes people try to fire you come back with a retaliation complaint, EEOC Compliance Manuel, Section 8.
      It is time more employees at winston – salem State begin to speak out. Reaves can’t fire everyone. The Board of Trustees has no backbone and they just rubber stamp everything Reaves tells them because they do not know what is happening on campus.
      Reaves, is now trying to find out who is reading the blog and sending text messages.
      Reaves needs to go. The university will be a better place to work.
      Students are not coming to WSSU because of what they are hearing. When fall classes begin we will have empty dorm beds.

    • Barbara,

      You are right! The problem is that we have a bunch of incompetent administrators who do not know the rules nor do they abide by them when they find out. They fired EPA administrators because they are “at will”. What that means is that GA has enabled these jokers to fire administrators under the pretense of being RIFed.

      If you try to get an answer from the HR Office, they tell you that they are making the rules as they go along. Mr. Ivan Foster has no clue as to what the rules are. Remember that he was hired with very little experience since he is till running a Chemical distribution business from his home in Shaker Heights, Ohio (did you report this second employment to GA?). His children are Deborah Reaves’ god children and with this blessing (Nepotism)he became an instrument to hire friends and acquaintances of Reaves at WSSU with HR endorsement.

      The rules say that the employees are to get “30-day notice” (Editor Note: Actually, the school can give pay instead of notice under normal firing circumstances…..but is RIF considered a “termination” under the intent of the state rules?). Treat them with dignity not the way they were treated last week.

      Donald, like Bull Connor, sent his dogs to do the dirty job. He thinks that it enhances his position. He has poisoned the rest of the administrators because they think they will survive by behaving in the same manner. His behavior is probably due to a (Deleted by Blogger: Please…watch your content).

      Ms. Ann Lemmon, you are quite aware of these problems at WSSU. You have been well informed. How long are you going to wait or at least intervene to make sure that rules are followed? Your responsibility is to the state employees not to keep things quiet and not rock the boat. Are you simply keeping quiet for the next three- years until Presidet Bowles retires,hoping to enhance your retirement nest? What about the little people who have lost their livelihood? Are we dispensable because we are “black folks? Would you agree if these things were happening at Chapel Hill of NC State? Some things have never changed in North Carolina.

  6. Deacon1,
    You think you can fool people on this blog. We know who you are, you come into the blog using deacon1 to give the impression that you are Nancy Young because she attended Wake Forest (did not graduate). We know that you are only interested in knowing what we know about you. We know about all the documents you have forged, the parties you threw on your behalf using our tax payer money. Discretionary funds do not mean that you can do anything you want with them. It means “discretion”. But you never had discretion. You have been allowed to do what you want because you are an instrument of a man that cannot do things for himself. That (Deleted by Editor) inside all the roughness he portrays is only symptomatic of the lack of attention he craves.

    Don’t try to sound like CJ. We know that you have been playing a game pretending to be BB and sending anonymous letters. You think you have fooled people with your games. Don’t you know that you have been seen at the Postal Office by Cherry Street mailing those letters? You only want to to find out what other documents we have found that bear your signature. You will soon find out.

  7. To Nancy Young, CJ, BB, or anyone else people I think I am; to any and everyone at WSSU that has some affiliation with Wake Forest who has been accused of being me; I am sorry. I am just a concerned and local citizen. I don’t use the post office at Cherry Street. I am not a AKA. Who ever is at the post office is likely mailing bills.

    In our debate over certain issues do not make false accusations or create the exact hostle work enviroment you accuse your current administration of placing on you. Be better than the people you are seeking to remove.

  8. How can a person reporting directly to the chancellor be on the board of trustees? Conflict of interest??

  9. You were at the party that RaVonda Dalton – Rann had in Greensboro, NC.

  10. Back in June before Reaves Installiation as chancellor, RaVonda requested money from state budget # 117027, $50,375.00 to be placed in Reaves discretionary fund. Carolyn Perry did not agree with RaVonda’s request and this is (one of) the reason Carolyn Perry was let go after 30+ years. ReVonda ordered $ 46,000 worth of book marks and invitations without putting them out for bids. ReVonda took the money from Media Relation’s budget without their consent
    Check it out , this is public information.

  11. there is so much corruption at wssu…their were students who waited in line for a parking decal as early as 4:30am and were turned away because the line was established for faculty & staff…they (the students) should have been taken care of..rif? everyone in hr is totally clueless on the p&p’s…one mess after another continues to manifest itself at wssu….it is really a shame…

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