A Letter to the Chancellor: A Series #10


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Dear President Bowles,

    After you have been presented information regarding Donald Reaves and his ill fit for WSSU, higher education, the WS Community, a state institution and a HBCU,  are you saying by your salience you agree with Donald, WSSU is not worthy of attention?   Are you prepared to face individuals who have worked hard to see that this institution survives?  Are you prepared to look our students in the eye and admit that you agree with Reaves that they are not as good as other students in the system?  Are you prepared to face our alumni after agreeing with Reaves that we do not deserve an athletics program (Editor Note: I’ve never heard the Chancellor say that)?  Do you agree with Reaves that our programs and initiatives are not up to standard (Editor Note: Well…..that’s sad, but true in many instances)?

    Are you prepared to say that Reaves is doing a good job at this university? This is what he has done:

  1. Contributed $100,000 to the University (Editor Note: Ummmmm…show us that canceled check.  People, as far as we can tell that contribution never took place).
  2. Fired Robert Botley to open the position for a friend (Editor Note:  Well…..not really).
  3. Covered up the misuse of state funds by an individual in his office and even named her assistant secretary for the BOT after knowing that she has committed criminal offenses.
  4. Employed Gerald Hunter as Vice-Chancellor of administration and business affairs instead a very well qualified person, Darrell Brunette.
  5. Lengthened the business processes and made them so cumbersome that it takes weeks to get through and then you may discover that someone has lost your paper work. This has caused loss of state funds in late fees, increased interest (P-Card), abuse of P-Cards and duplicating efforts on the part of faculty and staff to get through the business processes.
  6. Hired a Executive Vice Chancellor for Administration to be the pit bull in the administration.  She has approached many employees with demands to commit illegal acts in hiring, firing, spying etc. She was supposed to oversee retention and graduation rates through the enrollment management division. Now he has employed a person to head up retention and graduation.  These are functions under the University College and enrollment management.  Is this his retention initiative?  Is this how he planned to save State funds?
  7. He ordered a drop in enrollment, maybe Don does not realize student enrollment is how the university gets its state funding .
  8. He said that he was bringing in the very best professionals in the country. Ivan Foster was hired as associate vice president for human resources.  This individual cannot even speak coherently about his department (He’s not even on the level of the last guy who quit b/c of their nonsense…and they have made him vanish.  The two people on this campus who know the State rules and law (Hanes and Turner) your administration has buried, President Bowles.  Now, you tell me how that happens and no one is asking questions?  Foster knows nothing….don’t take it from me, just ask your own HR folks in Chapel Hill.  WSSU, you folks need to be asking these questions.  You’re getting ready to lose your jobs and your experts have been locked up?  Why?).  His direct reports are asked to speak for him at important meetings.  After two years Ivan is still allowing Reaves to break state laws in hiring and firing at a cost to taxpayers.  He hired Nancy Young on a part time basis and gave her full benefits which were a blatant miss use of state policies and funds. I guess you know that Ms. Young’s benefits have been stopped and the position will be advertised. He has paid Walter Holmes $150/hr to run searches for senior administration. I guess it would be too much for him to use the same process as NC A&T (Editor Note: Well, it’s not like A&T is the model of perfection either.  Let’s keep it real).
  9. He has wasted state funds through unnecessary salary money, attorney fees, re-hiring for employees who were fired wrongly (and he lied to the State about regarding his involvement), law suits, dinners, failed concerts, overpaying some employees (See Fosters $125,000 salary (UNCG & A&T HR Directors…you should be pissed)Colvin’s $175,000 salary……$175,000…what a joke), writing unsubstantiated checks to the foundation.
  10. He sponsored a golf tournament at which he spent the entire time with Ernie Pit.
  11. Hired Michelle Cook as Foundation Director and as Vice Chancellor of advancement -a real conflict of interest.
  12. He blatantly and admittedly disregards state laws, equal opportunity laws, SACS, research, graduate school, and tenure and promotion criteria.
  13. Donald Reaves hires weak and inexperienced people so that he will not stand out like a sore thumb. That is why he chose Brenda Allen as Provost.
  14. Why would you, Chancellor Reaves, not jump at the chance to employ Mr. Sterling Spainhonor, an experienced  and highly respected lawyer with years working in Winston-Salem, North Carolina?
  15. He has made a true mess of the DI issue. He upset the alumni and embarrassed them across the nation.
  16. He and you know he has no ties with the community.

    He cannot administer to an institution that has lost all respect for him, just as you will not be able to administer to a system when all respect for you has been lost. When you make mistakes correct them.

   The Faculty

CC: Donald Reaves, Hannah Gage

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  1. Reaves Riffed 5-7 employees on Monday, June 29 without any advance notice then shut down their computers and escorted them off campus by way of a security guard. Now on June 30 he has this luncheon at the Piedmont Club. These are the guest of Reaves and yet the school has no money. Invited employees: Nancy Young,RaVonda Dalton-Rann, Machelle Cook, Brenda Allen, Tomikia LeGrande, Sheryl Spivey,Deborah Reaves,Dorcas Colvin, June Anthony, Sigrid. This affair was labled as HIGH IMPORTANCE. Subject: Blair Hall Women Bon Voyage and welcome aboard Luncheon.
    Do you believe he would fire people one day for the lack of money and the very next day spend 6-7 hundred dollar5s on food? All the invited guest are salared from $ 85,00000 to $ 250,000.00 yearly that could afford to by their own lunch.

  2. I am curious as to how much the higher and middle administration makes on their paychecks. Obviously, if each so-called leader would have given up $1,000 from their total salary WSSU could have possibly saved some jobs. Was this alternative considered? There should be protests in the streets and car burning for the type of white collar greed and corruption taking place at WSSU. The “Fatcats” are being paid big salaries to galavant about doing nothing except for “meeting” and the grounds crew in facilities is sweating in the hot sun like slaves; while the secretaries and lowly staff is doing all the work for $10.00 an hour.

    I dare anyone out there in cyberspace to put up the salaries of all the WSSU “fatcats” and bureaucratic middle men that spend their time going to breakfast, lunch and dinner on the tax payer dime. Someone said there is a public document that list the salaries of all State employees. Put up the name, salary, duties and accomplishments of each “fatcat” at WSSU. While you are at it: put up faculty members also!

    I dare anyone out there in cyberspace

    • Donald Reaves $234,000, Dorcas Colvin $175,100, Gerald Hunter $162,400, Carolyn Berry $154,769, Michelle Cook $150,000, Charles Ford $147,000, Peggy Valentine $145,845,Everette Witherspoon $143,477, Elva Jones $142,554, Melody Pierce $142,152, Darel Burnette $141,718, Cynthia Hammond $141,264, Leroy Richardson $ 140,134, Ivan Foster $125,000, Randy Mills $

  3. OOPS! we forgot Madam chancellor RaVonda Dalton-Rann $95,000, Tomika Legrande $88,560

    • Juast a few more characters of interest: Jessica Bailey $165,395?, Karl Rodabaugh $85,053, Randy Mills $122,219, Pat Norris (chief) $100,000, Subash Shah 81,522 (Subash, I thought you were the chancllor’s main (Deleted by Blogger: Please, watch the content). Seems as though you got left behind with the money).

  4. Give this blog a break! Your postings are so full of spelling errors and incorrect sentence structures that no one is really taking this seriously. All you are doing is telling half truths and sending out the wrong information. If you were really concerned about WSSU, you will stop this inflammatory rhetoric and do something constructive.

    Be about helping…not destroying! I am sure this will not make the posting…but at least you know how intelligent people really think…and there are many of us out here who think that this tactic is absurd!

  5. Did the fired individuals receive their 30 day notices? Did they receive the required severance payouts for EPA employees? Did the EEO sign the documents?Was policy followed? Can WSSU prove that these positions are no longer needed?

  6. John Smith, you need to know that the EEO officer, Edward Hanes, Jr., was fired (disguised during the RIF) after informing Donald Reaves that Chancellor RaVonda had conducted an illegal search for the PR position allowing her BFF Nancy Young to get the job. RaVonda did everything possible to keep DO out of the position. The report told the truth and Hanes got bounced.

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