A Letter to the Chancellor: A Series, #8


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President Bowles (and Chancellor Reaves),

Chancellor RaVonda has been busy. Her tenure has been profitable for her and her family and followers. Let’s take a look at her administration, shall we?

  1. Chancellor RaVonda cut a deal with (Deleted:  Watch your content). She got his son hired on campus in exchange for his support of her decision to hire BFF Nancy (no degree) Young.
  2. Chancellor RaVonda is quietly stacking the BOT in her favor so that she can keep her job when the mess hits the fan (Didn’t she just get a position on the BOT yesterday?). She is now buddies with the co-mayor who wants to be a trustee. She got VJ on the board for a sizeable donation. Oh yeah remember that they are part of the Sunday brunch bunch.


3.     Chancellor RaVonda entertained her Links group last fall on the school’s dime. Check and see if she didn’t use the school’s Piedmont Club account.

4.     Chancellor RaVonda entertained the Alpha Phi Alpha wives last summer with a dinner meeting at the Chancellor’s dining room on campus, claiming the dinner was “on her” and charging it to the school.


5      Chancellor RaVonda and first man Emery hosted the Alpha Phi Alpha Christmas party at the school in December, where she tended bar (Deleted). Payment to the school’s catering department was handled solely through her.


6      Chancellor RaVonda has been designated as the “travel agent” for her circle of friends, reserving rooms at various hotels for Alpha Kappa Alpha functions such as regional conferences and the big convention in Washington last summer. She booked rooms using her trusty school credit card and then collected cash payments from her friends and never reimbursed the school. These same friends serve on committees for the school. They can be found in the Bowman Grey box on Saturday afternoons.


7.     She uses Reaves’s post office account to send items and gifts overnight to her family and friends (Editor Note: of course, most people in the Office of the Chancellor, I’m sure, have abused this privilege one way or the other along the way i.e. making personal photo copies, long distance calls, dropping personal letters in the university mail, etc.  Happens at every school in the UNC System, we’re sure)


8      Chancellor RaVonda took the entire baby AKAs to Greensboro to a resort spa. Who paid for this?

 9.  Chancellor RaVonda hired her daughter for a campus job when she was a student and got away with it because they have different last names

All you have to do, President Bowles, is check the records.  These are all facts that can’t be denied.

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  1. How could Vic Johnson get up Friday at Coach Gaines’ Unsung Hero Awards Banquet and praise Donald Reaves as being the greatest chancellor that WSSU ever had. Vic knows nothing about Reaves’ background. He knows nothing about where Reaves contributes to this community. Vic is doing what RaVonda tells him to do.

    • RaVonda, for what reason did you take your AKA friends to the Grandover Hotel and Resort in Greensboro? How much money did you collect from your sisters? We will be requesting the expenses charged to the Chancellor’s office from the July 1,2008 through June 30,2009.This will be requested from the State of North Carolina because if we request it from WSSU the report will be altered.

  2. Here are a some of the AKA’s that RaVonda sported to the Grandover Resort in Greensboro, NC: Brenda Diggs, Brenda Hodge, Janet Wheeler, Constance Johnson and Anette Wilson. You AKa’s will be supeoned when the deal goes down

    • UNC General Adminstration is still investigating the 2007 audit report and questioning why would Reaves bring Walter Holmes, a head hunter in once a month from Pureto Rico for one week each month and pay him $ 150.00 per hour and all expenses paid from tax payer’s money. WSSU has a Human relations department that is staffed and traind to handle personnel.Does this seem to be a man with common sense?

      • Of course not! This is just another way to pay off your friends. He replaces the Affirmative Action Officer’s role by eliminating qualified candidates to select those the chancelolr has chosen. Mr. Hanes, what are you doing about this violation? Walter Holmes is not a head hunter, he is a leach who is sucking off the North Carolina Taxpayers.

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