A Letter to the Chancellor: A Series #7


Continuing our series of letters that have been sent to General Administration.  Have more?  Please send them (and keep it clean!!!) to firedonaldreaves at yahoo.com


Dear Chancellor Reaves,

What makes you think having an ice cream social will make you happy? Why did you ask RaVonda to send that message for you?

Are you on campus or just playing golf? Don’t you have many things to take care of at the University? For example, on September 13, 2008 a particular sorority came to campus (Alpha Kappa Alpha, and NOT the undergraduate chapter).  Their bill was paid by your office (we mean the taxpayers) on multiple occasions.  Why do you continue to protect wrong doing? What are you afraid of?  Is RaVonda going to tell on you (What does she have to tell….is that why you aren’t dismissing her)?

 So is it true that there will be a new Board Chair?  We have made copies of a very comprehensive package to be delivered to the new chair.  Now, our sources say that you have offered a “reward” for anyone who can identify the author of the letters that are mailed to you. Our name is LEGIONS (as in, everybody…including those in your vaunted inner circle), and we come from the inside. Our letters are based on truth and information we get from those you have abused at WSSU and in the City more generally.

Don’t you know(Deleted:  Watch your content)?  Do you remember the Christmas Ball…..RaVonda had to beg to get people to attend.  What does that tell you about how you are regarded?  You can’t stand it when someone slips and calls you Harold Martin. Why do you hate him? Why do you spread rumors about him in public?  I bet it just burned your hips completely off when he approached you at the Alpha Cookout last weekend and shook your hand….like a real man, a real leader would do.  You didn’t have the courage or common sense to congratulate the man on his new job at NC A&T…because you HATE that he’s back in the neighborhood (And the Mrs. Dr. Reaves hates it too….Ms. Reaves, you really have to be careful what you say to some of these white folk in the city.  We know you don’t make the time to spend with us poor folk in East Winston, but your comfort level on the West side of town can get you into trouble.  Just an FYI)!!!

 We keep the state auditor busy (the real one, not the guy you hired). Do you know what happened to the previous A&T chancellor? Any day now the “niggers and spooks” (your words, not ours) are going to move you out of town! You said that didn’t you….. and the people heard you!!!  Be a man not a coward and admit it.  If you don’t, we’ll pull it out of you bit by bit.  We’re just waiting for the right moment to send all our information to the State Attorney.

Dr. Reaves, we know when you are in the office and out and where you are (It’s called Twitter and IM and texting, Chancellor….no one has to use a phone or send an email from the campus server so stop trying to get Glen Holms to do your dirty work for you). We know your phone expenses (quite high….who are you calling so much.  Oh never mind, we know that too).  So what is going on with Nancy Young? Are you paying her to do a public relations campaign?  If so, you need to reconsider.  If these last emails she sent out with multiple spelling errors is any indication of her talent…you’re in trouble! What is going to happen to Brenda Allen, the new Provost?  Poor soul, does she know what she is getting into…what you have created for her? So you robbed (I mean settled with) I mean robbed Chico!  So why is Pat not reporting crime on campus? (Deleted by Editor:  Watch your content). Don’t you know that is a violation for the university not to report crime? What are you going to tell the parents of students, that the campus is not safe and that the police cannot keep track of crime? You have no clue about this city and you don’t care because you are not investing your time in making friends in this city. Wasting money on having special table clothes made for your Chicago friend…..pathetic.

Oh, and why haven’t you paid the one hundred thousand dollars you promised the school the first day you walked in?  I suspect its b/c you simply don’t tell the truth. So long, will write you later.

CC: Erskine Bowles, Nigel Alston, Larry Womble, Hannah Gage, Marshall Bass

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  1. Can somebody tell me how to get to previous posts? Most blogs have a link, monthly calendar or a library that takes the reader to the previous posts.

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