And now…..the 2007 Audit Report

This is the relevant information. 

Page 46-48 of the 2007 Audit

What is interesting is that General Administration knows the audit was changed.  I wonder who could have possibly done that?  The copy that went to the BOT was changed.  I wonder who could have done that!?!?!?!  General Administration is closing in and the Chancellor is going to throw “you know who” under the bus and claim he knew nothing about it. 

It’s been two years and GA is just getting around to holding this man accountable.  We’ll release the full audit later today (the real one) and let the BOT and GA make the call on what is authentic and what is not.

Oh….what the heck….why not give you, the tax payer, the whole thing right now:

Full 2007 Audit

Dr. Reaves… the right thing and resign your position at the Friday BOT meeting.  If not, BOT, do the right thing and let President Bowles know its time for a change.  President Bowles, if none of the above happens, then you do the right thing.  This man has been lying to your face for nearly two years.  He’s known about this information since day one and has tried to sweep it under the rug.  He’s let the the person who committed these misdeeds stay in place with FULL knowledge of what was happening. 

Can the UNC System really afford any more cover ups?  Since the WS Journal and Chronicle are too chicken to take this one like the Raleigh News and Observer did over at NC State, it’s time for somebody to put this thing to rest.  The house needs to be cleaned starting on the second floor of Blair Hall and moving to each office of anyone this man had a direct hand in hiring. 

Please, somebody, do the right thing and let the University move on.

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  1. Donald Reaves is saying he knows nothing about the 2007 audit report. He knows Monique Broom gave him a copy when he came on campus for the audit committee’s meting in September, 2007. The audit committee had a telephone conference meeting with the chair lady at that time. Reaves would not bring up the 2007 audit findings because he said, “I am just getting on campus and I don’t want to deal with this mess”.How did an altered copy get in the trustee’s package when it was never acted upon by the audit committee in September, 2007? The people that attended the September 2007 audit committee meeting were Donald Reaves, Monique Broom, Beaufort Bailey, the secretary of the audit committee and the chair of te audit committee at that time.Reaves was well aware of the 2007 audit and he is well aware of who and how the audit was altered.

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