A Letter to the Chancellor: A Series #5

Erskine Bowles, President
UNC General Administration
P. O. Box 2688
Chapel Hill, NC 27515
August 27, 2008

Dear President Bowles,

This letter is being sent to you because we know the importance of WSSU and we also know that problems occurring at the university can impact many young people who really need this institution to secure their future. These problems are significant and are the direct results of the new Chancellor that you assigned to WSSU. Remember you did not give the community an opportunity for our input before you made the assignment.

This new chancellor is arrogant and unfortunately ineffectual when it comes to running a university, or a state university, or a historically black institution. You have stated publicly that he was placed here because of his business acumen. Well frankly his business skills are not as great as you pretend. The university’s processes have not changed in his first year at his helm. In fact they are worse.

You have placed an individual at this university who expresses flagrant disregard for human capital, policies and accreditations. This individual is more interested in golf on Sunday morning and vacationing rather than running this institution. He is totally void of what is meant by shared governance and how to avoid conflicts of interest with faculty.

We ask that you investigate the following issues as it relates to the Chancellor:

Reaves has stated in an open meeting that he does not care about the SACS visit. This is an obvious indication that he has no knowledge of the importance of accreditation by SACS or other accrediting agencies.

The Chair of the Faculty Senate is the personal friend of Dr. Reaves. How can the system expect the faculty at WSSU to receive fair unbiased support from the faculty senate when it is more important to Dr. Subash Shah, Senate Chair, to please his friend rather than to protect the rights of the faculty? Now the chancellor has asked his friend to head the search for the new Provost (Editor Note: and, surprise surprise, we got a Provost from…BROWN, who has no experience as a Chair or Dean of any department….anywhere…..ever!!! She’s been a glorified Diversity Officer…give us a break.)

It has been reported that the Chancellor used state funds to pay for his family’s hotel rooms during his instillation. The instillation: what a fiscal abuse if this is true!! Yes, the choir was perfect. But we as faculty, community, and students wanted to hear direction and vision from the Chancellor. Can you say that we did?

You sat there listening to this Chancellor criticize the previous administration. You heard him say that he inherited problems from the previous administration and you heard him criticize the culture of this city and this state. Yet, you chose to show agreement in what he had said. He spends most of his time in the community criticizing Harold Martin rather than building alliances with the community. How can we expect members of this community to give the University money when we know how Reaves feels about the City?

RaVonda Dalton Rann, has made many serious mistakes in the way she approaches the faculty and staff. She is running all of the administrative searches for the university and it is apparent that she is not following procedures. Each of the major searches culminated in someone that the Chancellor has known or someone that Dalton Rann has known. The appearance is that supervisors and hiring committee do not have any say in the process.

Dr. Reaves has no respect for people who have worked hard at this university. He gave Dr. Martinez a directive to fire Dr. McCarter because she is “too old.” (Editor Note: That is a fact and is one of the reasons Dr. Martinez negotiated his release from the university.) People that report directly to him are so afraid because of how he has fired others who oppose him. A good example is Gayle Barge, former Associate Vice Chancellor of Communication.

The Chancellor stated in the local paper that the enrollment was more than what we expected. And that the sharp uncontrolled increase was unexpected. The University System has been planning for this increase for years and so has WSSU. This is another indication that this chancellor in not aware of what is occurring around him.

This administration is heading in the exact path of the Alvin Schexnider’s administration. That administration put us three years behind in development of programs, student admissions, fundraising, faculty recruitment and development. Please don’t do as Molly Broad did by refusing to be wrong about Schexnider. We lost community support. He, too, also disregarded policy and procedures. It took years to reverse the problems caused by this individual. Don’t be too prideful to admit a mistake and remove this Chancellor.

Most respectfully,

Concerned faculty, staff, community
August 27, 2008 (Edited for context in June of 2009)

CC: Vic Bruinton, president, Alumni Association , Larry Womble, Alumnus, Earlene Parmon, alumnus, Nigel Alston, WSSU, Chair, Board of Trustees, Donald Reaves, Subash Shah, Chair, Faculty Senate, Ravonda Dalton–Rann, executive assistant to the chancellor and others

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  1. Donald Reaves is telling GA that the 2007 audit report has been alternated. How can this be when Monique Broom gave him the originional report September 2007? Reaves knows ReVonda Dalton-Rann altered the report and put it in the board of trustee pacakage. The board of trustees is one of the weakest boards that ever sat as a trustee board. We will see what action you take July 19, 2009 to correct what you have taken two years to discuss.

    • It is just a matter of time before Donald Reaves has to step forward and admit that Ravonda Dalton Rann altered the 2007 audit report that went into the board of trustee’s package. David King the laison auditor that is working with the state office and General Administratuion in Chapel Hill will be coming forward very soon to let us know what went wrong at WSSU with this cover up.The blog is being read by thousands throughout the US. Reaves, we will slowely and surly walk you down.
      Donna Oldham and Dr. Madrey situation will help with our cause. You know what we are talking about.

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