A Letter to the Chancellor: A Series #4

President Bowles,

The man you placed at WSSU as chancellor is insane. He has created two positions despite the recent budget cuts that demand a lean budget.  One of the positions he just created is Director of Graduation and Retention, a position he had given to Dorcas Colvin to justify her existence. The other is Director of Public and Media Relations.  This was to replace the person he fired but whose position was instead given to another interim director who is presently doing that work with her old title.  These current positions do not exist at the university. The person he has hired as interim Director of Public and Media Relations (Nancy Young) doesn’t have a professional degree (she doesn’t have ANY degree) but she is a friend of his executive assistant, RaVonda Dalton-Rann.  Reaves is going to begin his cuts this month. How can he justify cutting back on long time employees and at the same time create positions for new people and people without degrees?

President Bowles, this man you appointed as Chancellor does not know what he is doing. If you leave him here for six more months you will continue to have chaos and bad publicity which is already out in the streets. Your reputation might as well suffer. Do the right thing! Do what you did to TJ Bryant at Fayetteville. The entire Winston Salem Community will greatly support you and thank you.  (Editor Note: This is not just a black community issue….he has no support in any corridor of the city.  He is killing the moral of the University and the city is beginning to look at us once again with the disdainful eyes that it once did BHM (Before Harold Martin).

Reaves is never consistent in making decisions.  What we are beginning to believe is that you are aware that Reaves is destroying the university. Are you aware of the criticism he launches at you, the GA staff and Harold Martin when he speaks in public? Let me give you some examples that have been recorded: “I do not get clear directives from GA.” “I would have handled the budget differently, they do not know what they are doing! “GA created part of this problem.” To some administrators he tells them to tell Harold Martin “to go and f#### himself.” What is wrong with this man? What has Dr. Martin done to him? He hates him because WSSU wanted him back to bring order to chaos.

We have been communicating with you about Donald Reaves. It appears you do not believe what we tell you about him and his conniving ways. The problems and heartaches he has created for this entire Winston-Salem community you cannot believe unless you live here!!!

As we have told you before, Donald has divided the faculty, staff, students, community, development board, foundation board……the total community. He has life time friends choosing sides. If he is permitted to continue here at Winston-Salem State he will also divide your board. This is the way he is able to stay afloat.

A word to the wise should be sufficient.

CC:  Harold Martin, Nigel Alston, Larry Womble, Hannah Gage, Marshall Bass

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  1. Mr. Bowles,

    It appears that you are trying to destroy WSSU. Is there a reason that you are continuing to allow Don Reaves to destroy this school? He has managed to destroy morale, stop the growth momentum, discredit the alumni, make a mockery of our students (black, brown and white), totally disregard state policies, totally disgrace the BOT and take over the faculty senate for his purposes. He has also managed to show our academic programs in a most negative light. Before he took the lead many of our programs were seen in a positive way.

    Many universities offer remediation for students including Brown and the University of Chicago. Public higher education is a right in this nation. It is not a privilege for the rich and elite as it once was. WSSU is one of those universities that provide education for individuals at many levels of preparation including some that are not allowed into Chapel Hill and State and others public schools in the state and many do need extra help. We provide this extra help through the University College as well as many programs in the colleges and schools. We also provide that extra help thorough the enrollment management division. Frankly many of our faculty members are beginning to resent the advertising of our students as incapable.

    If he were truly honest about his stance on increaseing the academic standard and his idiotic idea that it will cost a fortune, you would know that it is all about getting rid of athletics. If he had moved on athletics when he began at WSSU, we would have at this point been firmly into DI or DII. In any respect we would not be in this so called three million dollar dilemma. Having spent his first year here on VACATION has caused many problems!!!

    We are not going to allow you to destroy our university.

    Thank you.

  2. It is going to be interesting to see what the BOT, Reaves and Rann have to say about the audit on Thursday and Friday. The truth is out.

  3. It is going to be interesting to see what the BOT, Reaves and Rann have to say about the audit. The truth is out.

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