A Letter to the Chancellor: A Series #3

Continueing our series of letters sent to General Administration regarding Chancellor Reaves:

Carolina Peace Maker

Letter to the Editor:

Dear President Bowles,

I know not signing my name to this letter will likely decrease its credibility.  But it does not decrease the concern, fear, and terror we feel for Winston-Salem State University.  The administration especially, Reaves and Colvin manage by intimidation, threats and bribery. I would like to tell you who I am, but it would be the end of me in more than one way.  My position allows me to observe much of what is going on at this institution. I know that without your help we will not be able to weather this storm.

I am asking for help for those countless numbers of students who need this institution to better their lives. I am asking for all of those people who exerted so much energy to make WSSU what it was pre-Donald Reaves.  Yes, Dr. Harold Martin was excellent but he did not do it by himself. There were many employees who stayed here suffering through the Alvin Schexnider years praying for a change. 

President Bowles you have dealt us a fate worse than Schexnider. We are praying that a change will soon come before many employees are RIFed unnecessary.  We are praying that you will stop the destruction of academics, athletics and every other aspect of this campus including the relationship with the community.

Please look into the following situations.  Reaves has very little academic experience. True, you knew that and so did we.  However, we did not know that he would make such bad choices in interim provosts, and certainly not in a permanent provost.  We did not know that he would make a mockery of the Tenure and Promotion Procedures. We did not know that he would highjack the Faculty Senate and use it to his benefit.  We did not know that he perceived SACS, RESEARCH, FREEDOM OF SPEECH and GRADUATE SCHOOL as unimportant and not necessary for WSSU. We did not know he had such low expectations of this University and its employees and students.

Please review the 2007 internal audit report and look at the related requisitions forged by Rovanda Dalton Rann.  This report was not presented to the BOT in the December 2007 meeting because the Chancellor, Rovanda and the BOT chairman concealed the report from the other board members. The amount spent illegally, was $ 34,000. This is not the only cover-up.  If you review catering services charges for the office of the chancellor you will discover that many AKA activities are being supported through the Chancellor’s office.  Add this to the tablecloths, $10,000 in wasted paint, big dinners for his Chicago friends (not for fundraising), money spent on liquor, the Patty Austin debacle and funds paid to people Reaves have fired illegally.  This cost alone may be salary money for several hard working employees that Reaves intend to release.

Reaves has no respect for state and GA polices.  Please review his hiring practices and search committees used to hire Darcous Colvin, Gerald Hunter, Ivan Forster, Brenda Allen, and Nancy Young and many administrative persons hired in his office by Ravonda.  Individuals who applied for these positions have legal rights to file equal opportunity actions against the UNC system. His firing practices are also a total joke.  The three people fired in the student aid office were fired outside of legal practices and therefore University became legally obligated to rehire these individuals and pay $86,000 in back salaries and holidays. Just look at Dr. Caldwell’s lawsuit against the University.  Get ready for the lawsuit from the Coach who was fired for saying the N word to his team yet Gerald Hunter angrily called his employees the N word and nothing was done.

The financial infrastructure is in disarray.  Why should it take 3 to 5 weeks to get a requisition through the process?  There are some bad decision being made regarding spending of funds. The auditors discovered a $300,000 payment from the University to Foundation.  No one could explain the payment. Look at the last audit report.  What do you expect when the Vice Chancellor for Advancement also serves as the director of the Foundation?  This is a conflict of interest.  Reaves, the big finance man did not know better? On the other hand maybe he did know. He complains about the infrastructure yet has done nothing to correct it. He allowed over payment and under payment of some employee salary.

He has been in position for two years and has not moved of the mark with athletics.  An effective leader would have made a decision at the beginning of their tenure and moved on with their plan for the University. Instead he used the MEAC situation to try to discredit Dr. Martin in this community and split the alumni. He has tried to make the community and alumni think he has to make a decision between athletics and a low retention rate. 

The alumni has been trying to get Reaves to take some action as related to dangerous Martin L. King Drive where two or three students has been hit by cars. He says he doesn’t know what to do about it. What kind of leader is this?

Correct your mistake before Reaves take the University and UNC system down.   Just as A &T we deserve a Leader that can lead us in your words to “nothing short of remarkable.”

Thank you,


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