Comments on Dr. Reaves and Notes on Athletic Spending

A poster in the comments section brings up a good point regarding the hiring of Dr. Reaves and the excuse making.  I’ve added some comments below that I hope every reader will act on.  The comment:

Why doesn’t someone ask Mayor Joines how Erskine Bowles got this done?  Ask Reaves if he ever asked Mayor Joines to help with the Martin L. King Drive project?  The Mayor will tell you no!!!

Dr. Reaves, you tell everyone that Harold Martin left you with this problem. You always say Martin left you with this issue or that issue.

If Martin left you with so many problems what have you done concretely to correct any of them?

My thoughts:  Dr. Reaves is good at throwing up charts with lots of numbers on them to confuse people.  He’s no good at showing the concrete steps he has taken to correct his problems and or mistakes.  For example, he thinks people are confused by the lie he is telling about needing to raise $3M per year to erase the athletic deficit.  Folks…it’s simple math:  The biggest problem with athletics is EXPENDITURE!!!  It’s not a completely revenue based issue (Although, there are valid and real concerns there as well).  Don’t believe me?  Call General Administration and ask Rob Nelson to give you a copy of the PUBLIC DOCUMENT that spells out athletic expenditures at the public schools (2006 forward). 

Robert Nelson
Vice President for Finance
Phone: (919) 962-4598 / Fax: (919) 962-0008
General Administration – Finance

Don’t let him tell you they don’t have it…they do.  Then, compare the expenditures of the HBCU’s that are (or are going) DI with WSSU (Rob has this as well…don’t let him tell you otherwise).  Dr. Reaves is lying to you about this and other matters and the people at General Administration know it.   Yet, they CONTINUE to let him abuse you and the tax payers of the State.  It’s shameful….they know he’s lying about his knowledge regarding the 2007 audit; They know he’s lying regarding athletics, and yet…nothing.  Shameful!

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  1. What about all the beer drinking at the foot ball games in the private box and the state vehicle being driven home afterwards?

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