And now, an Excerpt from the 2007 Audit Report

Thanks “Community” for providing excerpts of this report.  As soon as we get the full report we’ll publish it.  In sum, the audit found 20 + violations between 2005-2007.  Many of those violations appeared to have been approved by the former Chancellor Martin.  One small problem:  It wasn’t his signature and he had not given signatory authority to his assistant, RaVonda Dalton Rann, to sign for these purchases.  When the documents were released for review by concerned parties it was confirmed: Harold Martin did not sign nor did he approve the purchases.

So…..why has the great potential leader Chancellor Reaves ducked dealing with this situation for almost two years?  Why, when it is clear who is responsible for this abuse of State resources, has there been no action taken against her?  Why is the Chancellor remotely contemplating a new “position” on campus for this person instead of giving her just deserts?  Why does this person have the temerity to reach out to public officials and ask them for letters of support knowing full well that she committed infractions that could contribute to sinking this administration?  Why dose GA know this man is untrustworthy and still leave him in leadership?  Why have they not taken the same tact with him that they did with the corrupt administrators at North Carolina State University: force the resignation. 

As always, I’ll leave it to the people to decide.  Happy reading

WSSU 2007 Audit Report:
For the 19 month period of November 2005 through May 2007, 171 purchases were made using 4 0f 5 PurCards selected for review, totaling $ 110,160.20. Of that total, 149 of 171 (86%) of the purchases were flowers(e.g.sympathy,everyday arrangements, birthdays and other assorted and related floral purchases);miscellaneous paraphernalia,books,office supplies,awards & engraving, totaling $ 75,778.23.
22 of 171 (14%)of the purchases were prohibited either by State Policy (alcohol and/or bartender fees) or for purchases that should not have been made using the PurCard accordi8ng to the university’s PurCard Policies. These purcheses included but were not limited to hotel charges and basketball tournment tickets.Totaling $ 34,382.00

Per State Policy,
“payment or reimburesment for alcoholic beverages or “set-ups” can not be made from state funds. Individuals must bear these costs. They cannot be included in registration fees or paid from state funds. Law enforcement personnel in the pursuit of their duties and industrial develop personnel aere exempt from thiws provision.”
Winston-salem State University is an institution under the University of North Carolina System, an agency of the State of North Carolina. Therefore receives a general appropriation.

(Budget Manual: section 4.8.5 Alcoholic Beverages and “Set-Ups” policy, page 123 effective and updated on July 1, 2007

Donald Reaves, Ravonda Dalton-Rann and Nigel Alston, have known about this audit since September, 2007. Reaves were made aware of this report before the September 2007 Board of Trustee meeting and responded “I don’t want to deal with this because I am just getting here”

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  1. Dr. Reaves brings nothing to the table. The individuals writing in support of his sterling efforts to date have yet to point out anything of substance. When you consider leadership please don’t confuse it with aptitude.

  2. I have long been suspicious of the P-Card usage on campus since its implementation. Shame on (deleted) for allowing those purchases to go through. The auditors have to be getting (deleted). I’ve noticed and reported illegal purchases on my own divisions P-card statements but nothing ever happens. WSSU has very corrupt Reaves I say “Continue to get rid of them!!”

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