More on Athletics, and, an Interesting Thought from “Order of the C”

Thanks for all of your contributions to the email account.   The following is a line of logic that has been flowing ever since the Chancellor submitted the proposal for the student fees increase to General Administration.  “Order of the C” doesn’t know if this is what the Chancellor was thinking but it certainly would explain a lot.  If you have more information, send it to have the 2007 audit report in PDF?) 
Also, my heart goes out to those people who are now receiving phone calls regarding the RIF.  Some of you are being seriously taken advantage of and you need to seek counsel immediately (especially those of you who are maintenance, grounds, housekeeping, entry level Admin, if you’ve had a conflict with your boss in the last year…..take care of yourselves). 
“…why did he take that ridiculous request to Erskine Bowles to raise the athletics fee over $250 per year for the next three years…”
What if Reaves:
(1) Makes the argument that additional revenue is needed to continue the move to D1
(2) Points out that other MEAC/HBCU schools fund athletic programs primarily through student-paid athletic fees
(3) Concedes that these other schools have a much larger student body which translates to higher revenues for athletics
(4) Concludes that WSSU could compensate for a smaller student body, and lower revenues for athletics, by increasing the student-paid athletic fees
(5) Proposes an increase in athletic fees that {a} will not be popular with students; {b} will not be popular with alumni; {c} will never get approved
Honestly, I have no idea if this line of logic even occurred to him, but if it did, why?  Was he willing to take the heat for ‘that ridiculous request’ in order to say he tried what he could but it didn’t work?  Could he point to the UNC Board of Governors as the reason the transition to D1 was severely crippled?  Would he then make the case for academics, retention, graduation and the need for additional scholarship dollars to attract and retain quality students – in a forum, a follow-up communication and an editorial?  Does it follow, then, that his case, at the most, negates any alumni-led athletics donations/funding or, at the least, shows any alumni-led athletics donations/funding as a misplaced priority?
As these events unfold should they be considered linear coincidences or the machinations of someone determined to thwart the D1 move?  I don’t have the answers to any of these questions but, perhaps, they are worth asking.
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  1. Very interesting comments from Order of the C. Rumors have been going around for months that there was a hit list. If you have not read the RIF guidelines, I hope you do, see links below. To all of you who have received calls for a meeting, this is my recommendation:

    a. Ask your supervisor why were you chosen to be laid off.
    b. Ask what criteria was used for that decision and why not other employees in your area.
    c. If supervisor refuses to answer questions, always request in writing. Also summarize what your supervisor told you and forward in an e-mail with a copy to Human Resources and attorney if you have one.
    d. After reading the guidelines and you feel you had not been treated fairly contact the State Employees Association of North Carolina. You pay dues, demand their service!

    d. Do not leave the meeting without a response to the above questions. Document, document, document.

  2. Donald, how can you continue to pay the contracted (Internaal auditor, Randy Ross) $ 8000.00 a month and he is no longer under contract? He is requesting another check this month and he is on campus only two days a week and some weeks he doesn’t come on campus at all. He has contracted with UNCGA. You continue to break laws and rules of the State of North Carolina.
    President Bowles, it’s just as much corruption at Winston-Salem state University as it is at NC State, just on a smaller scale.

  3. Here’s a thought: Maybe the project is to kill the sports programs at WSSU? This leaves more money and attendtion to be directed toward academics and retention. That was an underground theory during the Alvin days.

    Dalton-Rann is not the only embrassment to the Chancellor’s cabinet. Both the new and old are equally dissappointing.

    Oh. . . . .will someone please take a look at the wireless phone services contract and account totals. #1 in 16 schools.

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