A brief rebut to the article in the Winston-Salem Chronicle

First, let me say that I haven’t read a lot of Ms. Farmer’s work.  Let me also say that she did attempt to contact me via email and so I missed an opportunity to provide more information for the story.  Within that context, I thought the piece was done in a fair manner.

The Chancellor can deny all the accusations he likes.  I mean, it doesn’t take a PR person with no degree(…let me repeat that…the lady does not have a college degree!!!!)  to know that you can’t admit the following:

(1) That he was not completely forthcoming with the results of the 2007 audit to folks like Gerald Hunter (Go to the next Board of Trustees meeting and watch him dance when this comes up);

(2) That he lied under oath during an investigation of the firing of 4 WSSU employees that he ordered last year (and funny how some of those key folks in Finance and Administration ultimately “left” the university).  You didn’t intend to lie under oath to the State Attorney, did you?  You just didn’t realize that just because you erase your email (which, by the way folks, he did in contravention of everything the attorney for the school has told everyone on campus who cares to listennot to do) it doesn’t “go away”, that through the miracle of technology those erased emails can still get pulled .

“Is it done……?”  Does that ring a bell for you, Dr. Reaves?   It should because that’s exactly what you wrote in an email to Robert Botley right about the time those folks were fired…an email that everyone in the State Attorney’s office has probably seen and laughed at.  And then you look the attorney for the state and the fired employees straight in their faces and tell them you knew nothing about the situation…that you didn’t order the terminations.  Can someone please put a stop to this charade….please!!!  Do you have to eat the whole cow first…….;

(3) That the dinner for Hill Harper was underwritten after the fact (but he doesn’t pay any attention to the bloggers).  The Chancellor says that the Mr. Harper was paid for through private donations and that the University doesn’t “own any linens”.   Interesting….then why was there a check request made for the payment of $25,000?  Why was there a check issued?  If the cost ended up being underwritten, then why won’t you simply disclose from what source and WHEN, in  fact, that underwriting happened (same with the dinner you claim was underwritten…show the people the proof and explain to them when it happened).  Again…I’m sure the blog didn’t motivate that action at all…that was your intent the whole time, to underwrite everything, right?

(4) That the expensive linen was purchased by Aramark…after the fact (but he doesn’t pay any attention to the bloggers).   If the University doesn’t own the linen, that’s fine.  How about simply telling the truth to the community:  That the University did, in fact, purchase that linen and that Aramark ended up buying it from them after the fact.  What a favor for a company to do for the University, a company who has to re-bid on their food services contract this year……or do they (can you say quid pro quo, Chancellor?);

(5) That he, in fact, has offered Chico Caldwell a position other than AD back on campus to try to put an end to this law suit that he knows he’s going to lose for breach of contract;

(6) The he is currently sticking it to the former Provost and trying to deny this man an opportunity to return to the University with tenure as was agreed to when Martinez took leave from the University (no telling what he’s doing with the guys money, but I guarantee you that he told him one thing out of the door and is now trying to screw him out of substantial sums);

(6) That his RIF plan was rejected by the State….that’s why you all are the last in the State to know what your fate is;

This is just the tip….Lala, just ask him point blank about these issues and request everything you can under the public docs law.  He’s not at Wake Forest…he can’t hide them from you, or anyone else.  Why every news outlet in the Triad isn’t on to this “bait and switch” nonsense is beyond me.  Stop being scared of the race issue and do your jobs!

He’s right…he “can’t be concerned about these things”…his job is to focus on “retention and graduation rates”.  But we can be concerned…the taxpayers can be concerned, and we will continue to be.  Not t hat it will matter…I promise that none of his people are paying any attention at all to this blog…except for those of his crew who continue to email me information on a weekly basis.

7,700 independant views to this blog and growing…..you reached about 150-200 people at your forum.  You do the math and tell me who is getting the most eyeballs on their point of view.  If you don’t believe in technology, you better start….how about a “The Facts about WSSU Blog” to set the record straight, PR person.  Oh, that’s right….you would have to be paying attention to this blog to do that.

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  1. We all know the connection between Ernie Pitt, the newly convicted felon and Donald Reaves. They were golf buddies and often discussed how the Chronicle could make Donald walk on water to follow the footsteps of Harold Martin (good luck, you will never follow that act!.) Unfortunately, Ernie will be going to jail and must amend to shorten his jail sentence through “good works”. This time, he picked the “wrong cause”. Ernie, we wish you luck in your new endeavors and when short for cash call Donald, perhaps he will contribute to your defense from the discretionary fund. But don’t call him,use an intermediary, Madame Chancellor, with her experience in such deals, she can fix everything. We don’t want Donald to get in trouble like Senator Burris.

    Virtually Brutal

    See Sexton’s comments:

  2. Reaves moved into this town and found (deleted). Pitts you should stop: your paper can’t save him.

  3. We have regressed by two years. Things were better for us when Michelle was interim Chancellor. We would have kept her had it not been for RaVonda and Kevin Myatt who are responsible for Reaves being here. President Bowles, we know that you knew how slack this guy was when you hired him. Like Molly, are you trying to destroy WSSU? We stopped Molly and we will stop you.

    We don’t have a Board of Trustees who will act on WSSU’s behalf. But we do have alumni, faculty, staff and students who will not let this school be destroyed.

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