And now, a word from the community…

The call from the community is growing greater day by day.  Whenever I see something good in the comments section I’ll bring it to the top of the page.  This is short, simple, and on point.  Who will stand up and tell their story?  Who will find a way to get the information to the folks who need to see it?  Who will stand up for WSSU?

I join you today in this blog because I am in deep dismay with the aims and work of the organization which has brought us together: The Precarious Chancellor Reaves Administration and lack of concern for THE STUDENT. The recent statements of the executive blogger and irate commentors are the sentiments of my own heart, and I found myself in full accord while I read the Concerned Citizen’s article. The truth of these words is beyond doubt, but the mission to which they call us is a most difficult one. Some of us who have already begun to break the silence of the night have found that the calling to speak is often a vocation of agony, but we must speak…Perhaps a new spirit is rising among us. If it is, let us trace its movements and pray that our own inner being may be sensitive to its guidance, for WE are deeply in need of a new leadership… This is the calling of the sons of God, and our brothers wait eagerly for our response… Is the time now? I believe we all know the answer.

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  1. Donald, from one Reaves to another you are going to break the law again on June 1, 2009 at i:30 PM. You are having a Board of Trustee Meeting without announcing it to the public. You know you are violating the open meeting law or do you.

  2. Dear Blog Administrator. We have received many inquiries from our brothers ans sisters at WSSU. These are the questions:

    If I blog will I get in trouble or lose my job?

    No, you can exercise you first amendment right in any manner you choose. By doing it in this blog, that is one way. You can also send you concerns to Erskine Bowles at: Remember never libel!

    If know that my supervisor or co-worker is doing something illegal, such as misusing funds, slandering people or spreading malicious rumors, what can I do?

    We recommend that you always keep a log of time, place and what was said or done. Report it to the Office of Human Resources and insist that your name must be kept confidential. Request a formal meeting to inform you of the outcome of the investigation.

    What happens if I do not hear anything from Human Resources and I get black balled?

    We recommend to keep in mind the following:

    Legal Alert Legal Alert

    If you are a state employee and you . . . .
    •Disclose or threaten to disclose to your supervisor or any public body an act or omission that you reasonably believe to be a violation of law, rule or regulation by another State employee, or
    •Provide information to or testify before any public body conducting an investigation, hearing or inquiry into a violation of law, rule, or regulation, or
    •Assist or participate in a proceeding to enforce the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act,

    Then a State agency cannot take retaliatory action such as . . . .
    •Reprimand, discharge, suspension, demotion or denial of promotion or transfer that occurs in retaliation for an employee’s exercise of any one of the three protected activities, above.

    Remedies if retaliation occurs may include . . . .
    • Employee shall be made whole;
    • Reinstatement;
    • Two times back pay;
    • Interest on back pay; and/or
    • Payment of reasonable costs and attorneys’ fees

  3. Donald, the alumni has been requesting you to correct the Martin L. king drive hazard for our stutents but you did nothing. When Erskine Bowles was told about this problem he stepped in, and it will be corrected by August before the students return for the fall. You should be ashamed that this happened on your watch. Will you try and take credit for something Erskine has done or will you keep blaming you short comings on the community and Harold Martin.

    • Why doesn’t someone ask Mayor Joines, how Erskine Bowles got this done? Ask Reaves if he ever asked Mayor Joines to help with the Martin L. King Drive project? The Mayor will tell you no!!!

      Dr. Reaves, you tell everyone that Harold Martin left you with this problem. You always say Martin left you with this issue or that issue.

      If Martin left you with so many problems what have you done concretely to correct any of them? (Comment: He’s good at throwing up charts with lots of numbers on them to confuse people but no good at showing the concrete steps he has taken to correct his problems and or mistakes. For example, he thinks people are confused by the lie he is telling about needing to raise $3M per year to erase the athletic deficit. Folks…it’s simple math: The biggest problem with athletics is EXPENDITURE!!! It’s not a completely revenue based issue (Although, there are valid and real concerns there as well). Don’t believe me? Call General Administration and ask Rob Nelson to give you a copy of the PUBLIC DOCUMENT that spells out athletic expenditures at the public schools.

      Robert Nelson
      Vice President for Finance
      Phone: (919) 962-4598 / Fax: (919) 962-0008
      General Administration – Finance

      Then, compare the expenditures of the HBCU’s that are (or are going) DI with WSSU. Dr. Reaves is lying to you about this and other matters and the people at General Administration know it. Yet, they CONTINUE to let him abuse you and the tax payers of the State. It’s shameful….they know he’s lying about his knowledge regarding the 2007 audit; They know he’s lying regarding athletics, and yet…nothing. Shameful!)

  4. Nothing will happen to improve the leadership issues at WSSU until the Board of Trustees steps up to the plate

    • This seems to be a response from Chico. Maybe it is and maybe it is not. If so, please respond Mr. Caldwell because it seems you have been seriously wronged. Speak and be heard Chico. You have nothing to lose except your dignity, so you might as well speak and be heard.

      • Why doesn’t Reaves tell the public the amount of money he agreed to pay Chico on June 11,2009. There was an agreemen between he and Chico. (Editor Note: We’re checking this now)

  5. Article from WSSU Alumni on You Know Who!

    Turn to page A5 for interesting editorials

  6. Will anyone let us know something positive Donald Reaves has done for WSSU or this community. He doesn’t pay taxes in this county.He hasn’t raised any money to support WSSU, and the retention rate has gotten worse since he arrived August 17, 2007.A coach that can’t produce or show he/she is going to be productive has to go after a couple of years. Dr. Reaves doesn’t contribute a thing to this community, he just take things from the community. When are the faculty, staff, students and community going to come forward and demand from Erskine Bowles that Donald Reaves resign?

  7. WSSU 2007 Audit Report
    For the 19 month period of November 2005 through May 2007, 171 purchases were made using 4 0f 5 PurCards selected for review, totaling $ 110,160.20. Of that total, 149 of 171 (86%) of the purchases were flowers(e.g.sympathy,everyday arrangements, birthdays and other assorted and related floral purchases);miscellaneous paraphernalia,books,office supplies,awards & engraving, totaling $ 75,778.23.
    22 of 171 (14%)of the purchases were prohibited either by State Policy (alcohol and/or bartender fees) or for purchases that should not have been made using the PurCard accordi8ng to the university’s PurCard Policies. These purcheses included but were not limited to hotel charges and basketball tournment tickets.Totaling $ 34,382.00

    Per State Policy,
    “payment or reimburesment for alcoholic beverages or “set-ups” can not be made from state funds. Individuals must bear these costs. They cannot be included in registration fees or paid from state funds. Law enforcement personnel in the pursuit of their duties and industrial develop personnel aere exempt from thiws provision.”
    Winston-salem State University is an institution under the University of North Carolina System, an agency of the State of North Carolina. Therefore receives a general appropriation.

    (Budget Manual: section 4.8.5 Alcoholic Beverages and “Set-Ups” policy, page 123 effective and updated on July 1, 2007

    Donald Reaves, Ravonda Dalton-Rann and Nigel Alston, have known about this audit since September, 2007. Reaves were made aware of this report before the September 2007 Board of Trustee meeting and responded “I don’t want to deal with this because I am just getting here”

    • Deacon1, You are always in support of the Chancellor. At least respond to the audit of 2007

  8. Donald Reaves must go.

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