A Letter to the Chancellor: A Series #2

Number 2 in our letter series.  If you have some of these letters send them to us at the email address listed on our first post.  Also…..we’ve got the number on the cost of the great Brown Alum, Hill Harper.  Chancellor, we’re going to give you an opportunity to report the number before we do.  It’s big….way too big for a University with no money in a time when people are getting ready to lose their jobs.  We don’t care if the money came from the Foundation or not (and we don’t think that it did but we could be wrong).

Do the right thing, Chancellor:  Tell the public how much you paid for Hill Harper.

All, please make sure that you come to the meeting tonight (McNeil Dining Hall.  You see…they read the blog).


Mr. Alston, we hope you share this letter with other members of the board.

You make decisions that will affect the lives of people who work at the university as well as the young people who receive services. The faculty and staff are counting on you to fulfill your responsibility as a Board Member by making wise and, thoughtful decisions. Your charge from us is to put aside Donald Reaves’  individual agenda and focus on what needs to be done for the university as a whole.

You are urged to listen carefully, question extensively and, above all, think independently. Many of us who work at this university have over the years, lost faith in the fairness of leadership provided by Donald Reaves. Why?

  1. He preaches total responsibility, yet only reports how the university has been victimized by past administration, never acknowledging the losses that come from bad management or incompetence in his administration.
  2. He expresses the importance of external custom satisfaction, yet no one goes to see him without worrying about what kind of mood he is in and whether or not it is a day when they will be recipient of his scathing, cursing, or verbal explosions. Everyone can be wrong, but few people have the nerve to try to persuade Donald to change his mind on anything because he feels he is never wrong, because of the anger he is likely to invoke.

Is it any wonder that we have lost faith in his fairness and leadership?

This is one of those times in life your actions count. As a group, you have the chance to excel. We will not be there to listen to your discussion or observe your ability to fairly participate in the process. It has been clearly conveyed to us by Donald Reaves and other administrators who are scared of him that our presence at a Board meeting is not welcomed. However that does not mean we are not interested, involved and invested.

You are not a member of Donald’s Board-you are a member of OUR Board. W need to have faith in someone. Please do not let us down.

More than one Voice

CC: President Bowles, Harold Martin, Hannah Gage, Vic Bruinton, Larry Womble

February 19, 2009

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