A Letter to the Chancellor: A Series

 We’ll be posting letters that have been sent to GA and the surrounding community so that you can all understand what is really going on.  Again, please only send us factual information.  Salacious material will not be posted and ugly comments will be redacted.  We’re about presenting the community the facts only!!!

Letter #1

Chancellor Reaves, we find it kind of strange that you would share your report cardwith your hand picked individuals and did not share all of the other letters documenting your failures which have been shared with the Board of Trustees. Don’t you know that we get primary information from the entire university staff? Don’t you know that you have a secretary who gossips with many residents of Winston Salem and the word gets around? She even spreads rumors about the type of words you use when referring to Chico, Robert Botley and the ex-Provost Martinez. When you bring the Board of Visitors to your home and feed them and your tongue is loose, they tell us everything you say. WSSU staff despises you so much that they also document your failures so when the ax comes down, they will be spared.

Don’t you know how that secretary tells people that she (redacted)? All this information comes from her. Why is she still there? Are you afraid that she will tell about the skeletons in your closet? She already has! The entire university community has been providing us the information to inform the faculty and community what a (redacted) you are (redacted). You don’t have any staff that is loyal to you any longer.

We know what you say in your meetings behind closed doors, we know your plans before you bring them to the faculty. Don’t you remember how we knew that you were searching for a Provost at Brown? We know you recruited her before the announcement was made. We also know of your trips to Rhode Island, there is of record. You have no friends in Winston Salem aside from that City Council member who you think will save you from a vote of no confidence.


CC: Dorcas Colvin (New Enrollment Management Specialist, Jessica Bailey, Gerald Hunter (“N” word man), Randy Mills, Carolyn Berry (The strategic Plan person that you are paying the Johnson Group to do her job), Merdis McCarter, Melody Pierce (the woman you want to fire but you have lost your nerve after firing Chico), Michelle Cook, Erskine Bowles, Harold Martin, Larry Womble, Nigel Alston (do your job), Walter Marshall, copies to other community people.

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  1. I read the Saturday editorial by Donald Julian Reaves over and over and over. It sounds like Reaves is leading to a proposal to eliminate atheletics on the WSSU campus. Just as he did at the forum, he throws out data and fails to indicate the significance or a connection.

    Reaves said in his editorial, “that is the reason money for undergraduate scholarships must be the highest advancement priority.” Well get busy with rasing more scholarships. A dicision to eliminate atheletics scholarships is unwise. These young people are trying to make it also.

    You have been at our school for 2 years. How much have you and Michelle Cook brought to the university for scholarships. I don’t understand only 82 scholarships for approximately 5,900 students. When my daughter was a student in nursing she received a substatial federal scholarship every year, plus a scholarship from a local hospital. Many of her classmates received this same money. What have you done with that money?

    Reaves said that moving forward with an retention initative will cause reductions and eliminations of other services. Is he talking about atheletics? The University College is a retention initative offering mamy services through a hugh number of employees.


    This is what I found on the WSSU website. The University College (UC) is the academic home of all new students at Winston-Salem State University until they complete the requirements necessary to declare a major. Services include academic advising (including registration, major selection advice, and all other academic concerns), learning support, supplemental instruction, tutoring, and more. UC advisors, instructors, tutors effectively and accurately communicate university-wide regulations, procedures, and expectations, provide services designed to promote student achievement, and work to ensure that all freshmen meet their common core requirements and successfully prepare for their intended majors.They help students help themselves, through computerized and individual academic support.

    In case you did not know, Dr. Reaves, the University College is a retention initative. Dr. Reaves you have a retention initative. Dr. Reaves the University College is your retention initative. Already costing millions. So? Perhaps you need to review and revise the University College. Anything that you initiate can only be duplication(wasted money). You also just hired a retention coordinator, didn’t you.

    Please BOT do not let this get by you. Ask questions.
    Why is Reaves trying to make the alumni, community, and the faculty, staff, and students make a choice between academics and atheletics?

    Why is Reaves trying to dismantle atheletics at WSSU?

  2. Donald is beginning to act like Alvin did just before Molly pulled the pluge. Reaves like Alvin employed an image builder. Reaves like Alvin started writing editorials. Reaves like Alvin is frantically meeting with the board members, community, faculty and staff. Reaves like Alvin is beginning to issue threats to community and university individuals.

    We know you visited Alvin, Dr. Reaves.


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