Graduation, Speakers…and Tablecloths?

Let’s jump right in……shall we!

Graduation…a wonderful time of year.   This year, however, is a little different because of the turbulent economic environment..people are having to do more with less.  Unless, that is, you are  the Dr’s Donald Reaves (yes…I know…terrible dragging the Mrs into this.  The Blog is about the truth so we’ve got to tell it like it is). 

You see…they are having a dinner at their home this evening for their precious Brown Alumnus Graduation Speaker (again, a fine actor in his own right).  At that dinner will be what has become known around town as the Reaves Mafia.  They eat and drink together on Sunday afternoons (but only the black ones…you white mafia members are being excluded, just so that you know), they meet secretly around campus discussing their plans for the impending layoffs (how does that happen) and then…there is the stroll.  You all have seen it…the stroll through campus together that only insecure black people on black college campuses try to pull off:  “Look at me…I have a Ph.D, spook, and you don’t….I am SOMEBODY.”  The stroll to the front row during all campus events, and meetings.  “Look at me…..I’m special…I sit in the front instead of sitting with the people…I want you all to see my power.” 

There will be approximately 45-50 people at this dinner that is being paid from the Chancellor’s Private Stash (more approriately called the Discretionary (off the books) Fund).  Interesting….do the students have a discretionary fund to off set that 32% fees increase he tried to ram down their throats (or the current student fee that is also absurd considering the ROI (that would be “return on investment”))?  So let’s count up the dollars being spent on these 45 -50 special guests vs. the reality of our current economy:

Dinner and Drinks for 50:  Let’s just call it….$3,000  (hey, Chancellor’s not a complete cheapy).

Speaker for graduation: $10,000-$15,000 (unless he gave them the Brown discount which might  have happened).

Graduation Site: $8,000 (don’t you think this would have been a good year to have the graduation at the Stadium…save around $5,000 that way)? 

Custom Tablecloths for the dinner: $1500-$2500

Did I say, Custom Tablecloths (or “linen” just in case the more astute members of our neighborhood are reading…some of the Chancellor’s “Boule” style arrogant brothers, perhaps)?  Yes…it appears that the Mrs has acquired a taste for the Private School life that the poor public school circut just can’t provide.  That’s right, President Bowles…..your Chancellor ok’d the purchase of custom tablecloths for tonight’s dinner…WHEN THEY ARE CONSIDERING CUTTING EMPLOYEES at WSSU!!!!!  When the Governor has taken money from all state employees including teachers, your Chancellor has decided that it’s “OK” to pay for a pricey B level actor to speak (a smart and articulate fellow, no doubt about that), host a private dinner for him…….and do it on custom ordered  tablecloths.

Oh….and this is not the first time such extravagances in table dressing have been ordered by the Mrs and approved by the Chancellor for private parties at their house.  The last time (I think earlier this semester) those tablecloths ran around $5,000.  People are losing their jobs.  Salaries are being slashed and the Chancellor, the Mrs, and Madam Chancellor Rann are spending close to $7,500 on tablecloths….for private dinners….at a poor black school that hasn’t exactly been burning it up in terms of fund raising (and, believe me, he has a lot to do with that disaster as well).

Anyone notice how the Chancellor at UNCG cut her festivities back at an event that might represent the most important day in her life?  She cut it back from $100,0000 to $20,000 not b/c she had to but because it was the right thing to do.  If our Chancellor will approve this type of nonsense NOW, it makes you wonder what has been going on when times were good?  What types of abuses of people and resources was happening when we were looking at 14,000 on Wall Street instead of 7,000?

What people were being harassed in the Chancellor’s Office by Ravonda Dalton Rann as he sat by and watched….how many lives ruined and careers lost?  What lies were being generated at the Chancellor’s direction to smear the name of Harold Martin and anyone he hired while at the University (or any event’s he oversaw)?  What other abuses of the Chancellor’s Office, the people of the university, the students, and the tax payers has this Chancellor overseen? 

People of WSSU and the City of Winston-Salem, if he will spend $7,500 on custom tablecloths for private parties at his home and call you “Spooks” and “Niggers”, what WON’T he do….what HASN’T he already done?

I leave it to you, President Bowles.  This is a time for decisive action….this is when your leadership is being called to stand.  This is why you ran for the Senate, why you were Chief of Staff, why you sit on grand boards…your time to shine for the common folk is NOW!  The people of this school and this community demand no less of you.

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  1. With all the home improvements (at the Chancellor’s House, including $10,000 in wasted paint) the school could have built 3 new homes. What a waste to throw money away is this way.

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