The first shot…..Niggers and Spooks!

“Spooks”.  Yes…..a black man from Chicago via Brown University and the University of Chicago refers to other black people at WSSU and in Winston-Salem as “Spooks”.

“Niggers”.  Yes….one of his subordinates referred to other black people (and, in this case, white people too) as “Niggers” in an open meeting i.e “I’m tired of you niggers…..” (Mr. Hunter…as long as you lay very low I won’t bother with you too much…but you ought to be ashamed of yourself and resign your position).  Bad enough that he did it with a white man in the room.  Even worse that he would say it at all in a professional environment….at a school whose history is linked to the painful history of that word.

“Spooks”.  “Niggers”.  This from two top ranking officials at a prideful black university.  Remember….they fired a white football coach for saying “I’m the head nigger in charge”….but these black men get a free pass.  The fact that this is being allowed to happen (and the BOT knows about it) is absolutely disgraceful.  The fact that President Bowles knows about it and has publicly done nothing is even worse. 

President Bowles, you would fire a white man for saying either in a nano-second….I truly believe that.  And yet you’ll let a black man degrade, intimidate, and emotionally abuse other black people at one of your schools (and whatever white person happens to get caught in the cross fire) and sit in silence.  This is shameful, SHAMEFUL that you would not, at the very least, have your people investigate these FACTS!  PLEASE….don’t let this continue.  The people at WSSU understand the preassures on you and have waited patiently,  but this has to be addressed.  They need you to step up and handle this.

I write this to let the WSSU family know that you have a friend and to expose this situation for what it is:  Abusive.  President Bowles, the people at WSSU need your protection.  They know you hired him and that it’s embarassing to have to admit you made a mistake.  Sometimes you have to admit a “miscalculation” was made in order to show the true depth of leadership.  This is one of those times.

I’ll be posting everyday until Dr. Reaves “resigns” his position.   You see…that’s how classy institutions allow even the disgraced to leave: “resignation”.  Not this Chancellor:  He fires people quite publicly and marches them out under police escort as if they were common criminals.  Ask Robert Botley.  Ask Chico Caldwell.  He rules by fear and intimidation and then tries to recruit people who rule the same way.  Funny thing about that……..they’re incredibly overpaid (have you seen what the HR god father of his children is being paid…..$125,000 or so, at a school with less then 1000 full time employees…come on) and not very good at what the do.  We’ll get to each one of them, in time. 

Before we (and I say we because this will be an army before long) give more history (and post letters that have been sent to GA) let’s start with two timely examples of this administration’s arrogance and detachment from the rest of civilization:

(1) This community forum thats happening at the Anderson Center next Wednesday.  WSSU and W-S community…understand what they are trying to accomplish:  Think about this for a minute…if you respond to that RSVP then they know who’s coming to this “open” forum.  If they know who’s coming, they can prepare for possible questions.  If they request you RSVP they can “scare” some who may otherwise attend into staying at home. 

Ohhhh….and if they have it in a crackerbox of a room they can conveniently refuse entry to folks due to “fire code” risks.   Who ever heard of having a community forum in a city of 200,000 people with 80% of the alumni base living within a 2 hour drive of the school in a room that can only seat about 100….maybe?  They are trying to control you, WSSU and Citizens of Winston-Salem.  Don’t let it happen!!!  They are trying to tell you that “you can call in your questions”. Can’t you just see the wonderful Ravonda Dalton Rann (Madam Chancellor, thank you very much) saying “Ooops…phone line just went dead, so sorry.  Next question please from, yes, Dorcus Colvin!!!” ($175,000…..more than the exiled Provost…at a school with 5,900 kids….at a school with an $18Million endowment and a 35% 6 year graduation rate…$175,000……really!?!?!?).

WSSU and Citizens of Winston-Salem: show up in droves and give your questions to Beufort Bailey (a fool for sure….but a damned handy one who keeps people honest.  Got to respect that….) so that he can ask them(because…you know that he will).  City officials, state officials from GA and up and see the environment that this Chancellor has created at WSSU.  Get a sample of the disgraceful show…like the one he put on in the Thompson Center Staff Senate Forum last year. 

(2)   Hey, Beufort…beyond all the investigating of the illegal purchases of Johnny Walker made by Madam Chancellor (yes…..who signed Harold Martin’s name to some of these purchases WITHOUT putting her initials on it so that it would be clear to auditors who, in fact, did the actual signing and “approving”…) why don’t you ask this question: Why, during a time when the state is cutting salaries and layoff consideration rumors are running wild on campus, during a time when unemployment is at an all time high and moral is at an all time low, is the Chancellor of a small, poor state University (a) greasing the pockets of another Brown Alumnus to speak at graduation [an ok actor…, but come on…how about YOU giving the speech this year, Mr. Chancellor and tell the people why (I think they would understand); and (b)………What about Nancy Young?

Have some information (facts only, please…no rumor mill garbage..that’s not what we’re going to do with this blog)?  Send it to firedonaldreaves at hush dot com


Concerned Citizen

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  1. We thank you for letting the world know. Ihave been digging and probing over a year trying to uncover the corruption atWSSU. Again thank you.

    • I know you’ve got some good stuff. Send it to the email address at the bottom of the post so we can get it all out there.

  2. It should be obvious by now that when a university thrives, administrators take credit and reap the rewards. Big time. Have you seen the fat administrative salaries and the double digit increases among these administrators? Shameful, a pig in a poke, beware! Is the same true when the administration fails? Hardly, uthink?

    During these difficult economic times, the spotlight is intensely focused on WSSU administration and the actions or lack of strategic planning they have taken to steer the university from the current economic malaise. As we have seen this past year, some universities in the UNC System have done better than others. Why? Because they foresaw how state revenues will eventually affect the bottom line, university budgets.

    During these difficult economic times, the spotlight should be intensely focused on the administration, how the chancellor and his “cabinet” have taken actions to protect the university resources, provide a safety net for faculty and staff during hard times. Protecting the core should be the ultimate strategy.

    Something is clearly amiss. If you recall, back in January during a faculty meeting, these words were spoken “… there is no hit list, only rumors.” Flexing its administrative muscle, the chancellor made a statement, one which unfortunate is inconsistent with what we have learned in the last few weeks. Another false statement which is the hallmark of this administration. It must be naïve from our part to think that during these economic times that lay-offs would not be imminent. Who in the right mind could not foresee this forthcoming? Economic indicators and failed businesses predicted how other organizations will eventually perform. In fact, while administrators this past summer, abandoned their positions, took over three weeks of vacation, an inordinate amount of vacation time for administrators who accumulate accrued time, a perfect storm was brewing. Who was taking care of the university? What strategic measures were being taken?

    No oversight took place during this perfect storm and we put the blame squarely on the responsible party, the chancellor.

    So far, free unsold tickets to a concert, an afternoon ice cream social, a communication to wash your hands is no substitute for substantive strategic thinking, alternative ways to resolve our impending university crisis. Indeed, 50+ staff members will lose their jobs. Is right there on the web, very clever, place it on the web at the 25th hour, wait until commencement is over and then send the pink slips. Students and faculty will be gone and no one will notice. This is no way to treat the livelihood of families that will be affected and may lose financial stability, their homes, their dreams and opportunities because someone was not paying attention. Who is responsible for these missteps? What the hell, a free car, and an account to travel, who the hell cares!

    To claim that we will help individuals to write their resumes to get other opportunities, we might as well set an unemployment office at Blair Hall. Who in their mind will hire individuals who have been lay off because the message is that “they are dispensable.”

    What can we do?

    On the 13th, the Community Forum is open to all. Bring your friends, alumni, family members and neighbors. Invite government officials, legislative representatives, Erskine Bowles, president of UNC System, the press and let’s give them hell! Let’s expose the blunders and unethical behavior that is not being reported. Let’s make the trustees accountable for their inattentiveness and rubber stamping.

    We might not be able to be able to give the administration the boot for poor performance, but we can have our voices heard, LOUD and CLEAR!

    Nadya Suleman, the octomom, is having her uterus removed. Rightfully so, she has endangered her body and her children with unnatural means and must take drastic measures to protect her 14 children who need nurturing and care. WSSU must do the same! We cannot let ineptitude destroy the accomplishments during Chancellor Harold Martin’s administration. A 32 million dollar campaign, an excellent business and alumni relations and a Division 1 Athletic Program that was thriving with the support of alumni and outside support. One cannot bring dollars and create relationships with an abrasive personality and the better than thou inflated ego of a narcissistic administrator. If you do not have experience in fund-raising or the disposition to create a community of friends, then you must leave. Leadership is not exercised by hiding behind firings and claiming that the system is broken. This is just smoke and mirrors and illusion for trustees who are naïve to let him do what he wants. Recently the BOT chair, Nigel Alston, told Erskine Bowles that the board was a 100% behind Chancellor Reaves. Let him hear your concerns. Express your disgust at GMAC call center. We cannot let WSSU be run with contentious behaviors or slogans that demoralize our community. The culture of low expectations is reflected in this administration. Over 900 freshmen with D’s and F’s, retention figures that point a rapid downward trend, musical chairs with interim positions, individuals with questionable credentials, blatant and total disregard for rules and regulations in the hiring process, consultants who do little or simply nothing to justify some administrative change and give the impression that they have been vetted. Enough! Wear black with pride. On the 13th, show your respect for WSSU. Let the Board of Trustees that you are unsatisfied with the lack of supervision and weak governance. Ask for their resignation. Ask Governor Purdue to replace all trustees and bring dedicated people, not just fat cats who want to benefit from their titles and use them in their resumes.

    Bring your old shoes, leave them by Blair Hall. Send them to the chancellor’s office. This will be the ultimate sign of disrespect for a failed administration. Let Simon Green Atkins be proud of you, stand up and be counted. From now on WSSU belongs to us!

    Committee for the Restoration of OLD WSSU.

    E-mail this to your friends. Make copies and distribute across the campus. Speak out by sending your discontent to .

  3. It’s about time that someone investigates the wrongdoing that has been going on for a long time. Wondering what became of an internal auditor’s report that was hidden from the Board of Trustees about a year ago? Someone from the Legal Affairs office commented in the Red Room about purchases made by Ravonda which included, tickets, hotel stays and personal gifts to friends with her signature and on behalf of her and her husband? Is her husband employed by the university? What does he do? Did the Board of Trustees investigate this matter? Where is Nigel Alston? What the hell is he doing? Does anyone know what is the connection between this new Provost and the Reaves family? What about the person that replaced Mr. Jorge Quintal. Other sources say that he does not want any hispanics on campus and made the exile Provost life miserable because he would not go along with his games and hire people that he wanted including his. My sources at the college told me that Brenda Allen was not the top finalists, instead a white woman who Reaves decided to hire as an interim because he is afraid that some faculty who are forming their own group and requesting an civil rights investigation could not make a case. Who is handling the search process? Is there a consulting firm? Who is responsible for this, the Affirmative Action Office?

  4. Why have you spent money on tableclothes , parties, hiring individuales when you are asking the university to cut back on necessary spending?
    The fiscal year begins July 1. Why haven’t you ( Reaves ) informed the faculty and staff about the positions that you’re cutting? Is it true that the report to GA and the newspapers on numbers of people to be cut was according to Gerald Hunder just a number that he pulled out of his hat and had no sifgnificanceat all.

  5. Nigel, many people in Winston-Salem belived you were honost. You were once an individual that people in this area were expecially proud to have their children model.I have always believed that what you wrote in your editoral was true and sincerely written.But now you are presenting a what’s in it meside. I never would have believed that you Nigel would sell your community anr WSSU for a few favors that Donald Reaves
    can offer you. You have disappointedthe entire Winston-Salem community and the WSSSU Alumni and faculty.

  6. It is not often that we are faced with troublesome times compounded by horrible leadership. I regret to inform the Facebook world as well as WSSU alumni and current students that we are in the midst of that time. Chancellor Reaves has run our wonderful institution of higher learning into the ground. Gone are the donors who would freely give to our university during the tenure of past chancellors. Today no one gives to Winston-Salem State, Donald Reaves who was brought to WSSU as a fund raising giant has not actively been able to garner any funds. Of course we are pleased with the 100,000 donation he personally gave however the university spent that money on Chico Caldwell after Donald gave him a six year contract extension and a raise and then fired him the next year. What is he doing? I and a lot of powerful and worried alumni would like to know. Housing Lottery: The housing lottery is a sham. What can I tell the students crying and calling me because they cannot afford to live off campus. Many of our students are first generation college students. Their parents are breaking their backs attempting to put them through college and yet Donald Reaves with the flick of his pen and no concern for the “average student” makes a policy that completely leaves them out in the dark. What about the students who must go home because they cannot afford to live off campus. Do we punish those who are not fortunate enough to make enough money by sending them home to the streets, violence and dead end jobs. In the e-mail Donald Reaves sent out he spoke of 2377 beds on campus. After factoring special interest groups and freshman the number drops to 750. We must ask who are these special interest groups? They are students and if this is supposed to be a lottery why isn’t everyone given a fair chance. We have students with 1.7 GPAs living in Rams Commons but 3.0 and above students have no housing what type of system rewards students who do not perform academically with housing. This lottery sham will do nothing but devalue the Winston-Salem State University degree. Higher dropout rates, will lead to lower retention rates which will ultimately lead to less funding. It is a slippery slope that Donald Reaves is teetering on. This is ludicrous and nothing but the horrible judgement of Donald Reaves.

    Donald Reaves and Winston-Salem Community

    Donald Reaves had an alumni and member of the Winston-Salem community arrested because the man complained about Donald and the homecoming tent being on the lot he purchased with his money. The judge threw it out of court and told Donald to solve his own problems and never bring anything like this to his court again. Donald Reaves does not understand what it is like to live in Brown with no air, to struggle to make it on your refund check. He had never stepped foot on an HBCU until he came to WSSU. He continually speaks of this culture of low expectations however he does not understand where he is at. We do not have a culture of low expectations. If that were so we would not be the top ranked public HBCU 3 years in a row. We would not produce the best nurses who pass the NCLEX at 97% and produce the best teachers in the state of NC. We have top ranked programs and we excel at what we do. He has a snobby nose and he looks down on the university because it is not Brown, or the University of Chicago, or Harvard. To that I say go back where you came because WSSU was great before you came and it will be even better after you leave.

    Fall Commencement:

    Donald Reaves is contemplating canceling Fall Commencement. For those of who graduate in the fall you will have to WAIT UNTIL SPRING. Is this right? No! Why is this happening you may ask? It is because of the funding shortage that is weakening our economy. I realize that HOWEVER, we have individuals at our school named Dorcas Colvin who is the Chancellor’s friend who make 175 thousand dollars. That could significantly help out with Fall Graduation. We have Gerald Hunter VC of Finance and Administration who makes 125 thousand but Donald had move Randy Mills to Finance and Administration and pay him over 100 thousand to make up for Gerald Hunter’s incompetence. When will this madness end? These issues are just the tip of the iceberg. Graduation showed the people skills Donald has as well as how petty he is. Not letting me speak last year and telling me he was phasing it out of the program was an outright lie. I am not at all ashamed that I broke a tradition that has spanned countless years. I am glad Harold Respass spoke and did an excellent job. It clearly showed that Donald Reaves is a vindictive old man who thinks he holds the world in his hands. That world that he holds is a little more powerful than him though. That world spans generations of people of all colors who have traversed the paths of Slater University, it engulfs the souls of those who walked along W.S. Teachers College and it boast the confidence of those who have and will stroll around Winston-Salem State University. For as a collective we are stronger than the might of any old man to bitter and power stricken to know that what lies behind him pales in comparison to what lies before him. We will take Winston-Salem State University back by the sweat of our brows, we will take Winston-Salem State University back by the strength of our backs, we will take Winston-Salem State University back by the courage of our hearts and we will return it back to it’s rightful owners….. THE ALUMNI…. THE COMMUNITY… but mostly importantly THE STUDENTS…..

  7. I see a need to correct a few statements in the blog. First of all Chico Caldwell never received a six year contract. Donald Reaves approved a three year contract for the AD and fired the AD the next year. Also the $100,000 Donald Reaves supposedly donated to the campus, was not and could not be used for salaries. It was never proven that the $100,000 was ever received. But no it was never used for the AD’s salary. It would have be nice to have had a six year salary but that is not correct and the information going out is not correct the information loses it’s value.

  8. This is a horrible situation that WSSU and other hbcus find themselves in at this time. However, it appears to me that the key ingredient that should be shown in a “leader” at an institution of higher learning is toughness–with compassion, idealistic–with ideas, an inspired person of vision–with tenacity. What bothers me about Reaves comments or his perspective is it blames but does not provide solutions. This is Ego at full throttle.

    I read an earlier post from the Wednesday meeting where Reaves apparently said there is no history of fundraising at WSSU. Of course there isn’t one. Any WSSU alumnus over the age of 48 knows that Doug Covington hired the first Advancement person around 1978. Secondly, if the school is in such fiscal staits (as once was Hampton, Bennett, Spelman etc.) then should not the Chancellor get off his duff and get out there and use his “magnetic personality” to bring people to the aid of WSSU? If you know the challenges that Johnetta Cole faced at Spelman and Bennett; William Harvey at Hampton then you will know it can be done (the raising of funds and goodwill). You must have a strong desire to do this.

    Now, obviously Reaves has certain attributes that make him an attribute to a college/university but the leadership role may not be his best. His skills may be best used as an assistant that crunches numbers, handles the day to day duties of a Provost and is the tough guy that fires recalcitrant employees. But in terms of persuading and/or telling WSSU’s story in a meaningful way…well this may be his shortcoming. Maybe a younger, more visionary Chancellor is needed. Apparently the college needs new, fresh ideas, for tough times. I used to keep abreast of the Winston-Salem body politic and I thought that Nat Irvin would have been a suitable choice for the leadership position at the college.

    There is a political dance every leader must do with constituents, students, politicians, the holders of money etc. But if you have a refined manner about yourself then you can traverse that gulf. I have met Reaves on two occasions and he can learn a bit from say Harold Martin, when it comes to handling people. Martin was perfect, nobody is, but he at least had the personality and grace to begin meaningful dialogue.

    Someone said that Reaves was a truck driver before going back to school to get a degree. Nothing wrong with that. But all too often some people with this experience still have a chip on their shoulder about their self worth, how they were viewed and how they stack up to more intelligent educators. So, on one hand they extol the virtues of education, uplift etc. but on a deeper level they in fact despise the more educated, genteel of the race. All too often these kind of black people hate people (black, white, red) who think they know more than them. Please understand that anybody in a leadership position, that is a true role model, for black youth (or any youth regardless of ethnicity) that refers to other black people as a “Spook” or “Nigger” is one who hates him or herself. The books “The Mis-Education of the Negro” and “Uncle Tom’s Campus” addresses this malady in great detail.

    There is something to be said for plain speaking men and women. The bigot Jesse Helms was such a person. But a crass, plain speaking, man or woman, who does not better an institution or organization is an abomination to intelligent men and women.

    It is unfortunate that Erskine Bowles (who knows nothing about the struggle of African Americans, comes from a privileged class, is a millionaire, does not understand the role of education in society) would allow incoming Chancellor to declare I will be here for five years! You can not build any worthwhile institution or organization in five years. The only institution you can build in 5-years is a subservient one that has no true connection to it’s constituents and the world at large. Harvey has been at Hampton 20+ years. Benjamin Mayes made Morehouse great because he stayed longer than 5 and was dedicated and had a longterm plan.

    There is some give and take required in running a college with many, many, personalities. But it is fool hardy and dangerous for any one individual to have “the buck stops here” attitude of a dictator. If in fact there is not some common ground found in the relationship between leadership and constituents there will be a horrible end and much wasted effort. So, that after Reaves five years (he said it in his inauguration speech) is up, he will retire to the warmth of Florida and WSSU will have to start over again (as it did during the Schexnider years).

    But the role of the Chancellor is to make prudent, wise decisions, and to raise some money and find new friends for the college. If neither of these take place, it is because friends have not been asked or the individual does not have any friends!

  9. These are the issues that should be investigated related to Donald J. Reaves 1. Incompetence – How smart can you be not to know about freedom of speech. He tried to restrict students freedom of speech at WSSU and was called to account by several freedom of speech advocates. Just google him for the information. He tried to fund DI on the backs of students. Is he student frendly?

    The university would possible have enough money to fund everything we need next year without a RIF
    plan. If Donald had not fired serveral individuals without knowning the process, he would not be paying them now some for doing nothing. Then he procedes to fire Caldwell which he will pay him over $100,000 per year for the next 5 to 6 years for no productivity. Hiring such incompentant administrators at salaries that are unbelivable has cost us plenty. Just an example we pay Gearald (N word) Hunter $150.000. We pay Dr. Mills 125,000 to actually do Gearld’s work. We have lost millions of dollars in ffaulty finacial porcedures. It takes at least 4 to 5 weeks to get something passed through the requisition process. Please investigate, someone how much we have paid in late fees to vendors since Drs. Reaves, Hunter, and Bailey decided that signatures had to come from all of the above. He has been here two years and the infrastructure is in worst shape than ever.

    The university is subject to pay out large amounts of fees related to his hiring and firing practices. He brings a consultant (friend) to the campus from South of the Boarder to conduct so called searches. The problems caused by violation in the Equal Opportunity laws alone could add up to millions. He was according to his friend Dr. Shah supposed to be a great fundraiser. There is nothing on the internet about securing funds for Brown or Chicago.He has not brought any funding to WSSU. His image builder Nancy Young is costing the Taxpayers 89,000 plus full benifits as a part time employee.

    There is no point is asking Nigel for help. He has been bought and paid for. President Bowles, stop this now before we lose more of our dignity, before we lose students, and before he breaks the bank with his tablecloths, liquar, parties, and incompetence.He has opened to door for the media and we are walking in.

  10. Dear Mr. Bowles:

    How much longer are you going to leave WSSU in this condition. Do you not know that we have much to accomplish? We have young people to prepare for their futures and our futures. WSSU, Mr. President grew from a meager number of students to 6,000+ students within a short period of time. Our campus grouds are second to none in this system. This campus is a model for intergrating diversity. Many of our students have taken their places in society as teachers, nurses, healthcare providers, business people and many of our graduates continue to graduate and professional schools. Within the past years we have developed graduate and undergraduate programs, community initatives, received millions of dollars in research and we had earned the respect of the community and state and federal agencies. We could hold our heads high and say we were proud to work at WSSU. But since Reaves step foot on this campus we have gone backwards even in his speaciality area, finance.

    In the time that Donald Reaves has been head of this institution we have lost totally that the pride that was swelling in all of our chests. We have lost the momentum in growth, both programatic and in recruting faculty for our programs and we are beginning to see effects in students.

    This is what we know, Donald Reaves has said publicly that the university and the Winston Salem area has a slow culture. As a matter of fact you were there when he said it. He has dismantled the tenure and promotion process and dicourage so many yourng faculty about the process. He has stated that research in not profitable at our institution and therefore fails to support it. He mocks state laws and UNC policies. He has failed to move on important issues such the RIF Plan, MEAC, fundraising, and issues that are occuring in educatiion, nursing, and the business schools. He has placed people who are not capable in positions of importance to the institution’s success. He has spent unnecessary funds on legal problems that he caused, consultants, and of course activities that are not related to education or what he calls the core mission.

    He has caused a fear on this campus like none you have ever seen. His attack dog, Dorcus Colvin has caused many employees to do things that they know are wrong. But out of fear for job and self they would do as she said.

    When do you plan to help us as you have done with other schools. Is there a reason that we continue to suffer at the hands of Reaves? Is he a part of a plan to damage this school beyond repair? We want the world to know that we can not acheive in this enviornment, with all due respect, which you created.

    The faculty, students and staff at WSSU

  11. I join you today in this blog because I am in deep dismay with the aims and work of the organization which has brought us together: The Precarious Chancellor Reaves Administration and lack of concern for THE STUDENT. The recent statements of the executive blogger and irate commentors are the sentiments of my own heart, and I found myself in full accord while I read the Concerned Citizen’s article. The truth of these words is beyond doubt, but the mission to which they call us is a most difficult one. Some of us who have already begun to break the silence of the night have found that the calling to speak is often a vocation of agony, but we must speak…Perhaps a new spirit is rising among us. If it is, let us trace its movements and pray that our own inner being may be sensitive to its guidance, for WE are deeply in need of a new leadership… This is the calling of the sons of God, and our brothers wait eagerly for our response… Is the time now? I believe we all know the answer.

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