Updates and….A Response from Donald?

Re: An article from http://www.newsobserver.com

Thursday, October 1, 2009 5:28 PM
From:”Concerned Citizen” <firedonaldreaves@yahoo.com>
To: “Donald” <reavesdj@wssu.edu>
Cc: hgage@ec.rr.com, ebowles@northcarolina.edu
Ahhhhh….and so the great Donald Reaves does, in fact, read the Blog.  The fact that you responded at all further demonstrates how unfit you are to continue on as Chancellor.  Now, we want your two direct reports to scroll to the bottom of this response and see your email to me (You even get a little chippy at the end…behavior of a man unworthy of the title Chancellor…you did the same thing (got chippy if not combative) with a student football player last week in KR Williams, didn’t you Donald?  
You, a Chancellor, actually responded to a nobody, an emailer, a blog who thought that if they got enough facts out into the public domain on you it would provoke a response from you….and it did!  And the response itself is simply childish and ought to be beneath a man of your supposed stature:
“People have done worse things than what you are accusing me of so why are you bothering me…ohh, and I signed my name.” 
Are you serious….you have a Ph.D. and that’s your logic…that we should look for more serious criminals and sign our names?  Your response reflects leadership and maturity???
Truly outrageous…..
Beyond that, your arrogance at this stage is unbelievable.  Your willingness to twist the truth is unchallenged.  Do you really think anyone with a quarter of a frontal lobe will ever believe that Harold Martin left you the “mess” you describe?  Do you believe for a nano second that if there were any truth to what you say President Bowles would have kept the man at General Administration and then appoint him to lead, perhaps, the greatest hidden gem in the south east?  Do you really believe that you can say the things that you say in your office and in your meetings (that end up widely disseminated through the Black, and now, the White community in Winston), and get away with it?  Does your pompous nature have no bounds? 
You surround yourself with unqualified people who are looking for second or first chances so that you might lord over them.  You bring in a friend to run HR who is 100% incompetant as a favor to his wife.  You pay a “consultant” nicely so that you might bypass normal procedure.  This will be your legacy at WSSU, Donald:  Arrogance, nastiness, shortsightedness…a man of little compassion who feels that WSSU and the city is beneath him.
The people of the state of North Carolina will have their school back..the tax payer will have their school back.
Why don’t you do everyone a favor: swallow your pride and resign the position for personnal reasons?  Or, at least, work out your remaining two years in silence as to stop embarassing your boss and the BOG.  Pride is going to get you embarassed. 
And….isn’t there a Secretary in your office who has forged a few signatures, abused a few people, and lately, included us on a listserve mailing of no fewer than 60 people with an attachment of some pretty insinsitive material….isn’t that right? (By the way, did you know that such WSSU illuminaries as ROBERT BOTLEY and a FORMER CHANCELLOR’S WIFE were also on that list….did you know that?) You’re trying to cover that up too, aren’t you Donald?   Yes yes…we believe that lastest version of the lie that will be hitting your desk soon, President Bowles, is that Ms. Dalton-Rann “lost her Blackberry”.
Also make sure you ask Donald about the Alcohol purchased for the FAMU game through the foundation (or Aramark).  While we appreciate you having our favorite spirit on site, Donald, does it really make a difference if the foundation or Aramark purchased the liquer when you know full well the public is constantly looking for such expenditures to throw in the faces of state leadership?  You’re smart enough to know better but too arrogant to care, and that’s your problem.
We’ve got a solution for you:  Why don’t you fire everyone in your immediate office, everyone on your cabinent (none of whom believe you will be here past December and two of which have resume’s out and active at schools in Ohio, NY, and South Carolina) and take your meetings and phone calls on the planet Romulous….your confidences (or blunders) would be better kept and that’s the only way you’re going to stop the ACCURATE information flow to this website/blogger.
We were gone and your arrogance has revived our will.   We know we can’t touch you right now, Donald..you know it and we know it.  You’re too numb between the ears to understand that the noose is firmly around your neck…that the “spooks”, as you like to refer to black people, have very defetly manuvered you into position (let me give you a hint, smart guy: three of them sit on your Board and work in silence, too).  We can’t touch you right now…but you’re dirty, Donald….and we’re patient. 

On Mon, 8/10/09, Donald <reavesdj@wssu.edu> wrote:

From: Donald <reavesdj@wssu.edu>
Subject: An article from www.newsobserver.com
To: firedonaldreaves@yahoo.com
Date: Monday, August 10, 2009, 1:55 PM
Donald has sent you the following story:

Since you have taken time to speak about my activities, I thought you might like to know that other administrators in the UNC system have been involved in even greater crimes than those ascribed to me. Sincerely, Donald J. Reaves P.S. You will note that I have signed my name.

Ex-university brass get leaves, payouts


Last year, North Carolinians gave Beverly Washington Jones six months of pay — $104,000 — as she left the provost’s job at N.C. Central University so she could prepare for her return to the classroom.

Jones took the UNC system-sanctioned administrative leave at the same rate of pay she earned as NCCU’s top academic officer. But she didn’t return to the university. At the end of the six-month leave, she retired.

Jones, a Durham native and former Durham school board member, said recently that though she had intended to return to teaching, a research project became so consuming that she retired to devote all of her time to it. Neither NCCU Chancellor Charlie Nelms, who removed Jones from the position as he created a new Cabinet, nor UNC system officials could require Jones to come back as a history professor or to return the $104,000.
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Leaders Who Happen to Be Minority….

…..we guess you have now been officially put on alert.  This writer sent this letter to us for posting.  It appears that the media (WS Chronicle) and some of our leaders in the community and around the state are denying knowledge of the situation at WSSU.  Well, every minority member of the NC State House and Senate has now been sent a link to this posting.  Now, there is no denying.


Dear Black Board of Governors Members, Black Caucus, and NAACP (and others)

We are going to make sure that you know it all and when the ax falls you can’t say that you were not aware of the problems at WSSU.

Reaves has covered-up miss appropriation of funds by one of his executive assistants and refuses to take appropriate action.  This has been reported to General Administration with audit reports and related documents.

Donald Reaves wasted two years bashing Harold Martin about Division I.  He could have made a decision when he came in 2007.  At this point we would have been back in Division II or in Division I.

Reaves does not have the ability to raise money.  Instead of getting out and working the community, he is just adding people to these departments.  As you well know it is not the staff that the community wants to see: it is the Chancellor of the institution!

Reaves has lost the trust of entire community (white, black, and other).  His abrasive, mean tirades including cursing and demeaning subbordinates has made people afraid to speak and students disgusted to even attempt communications.

He is destroying the educational program at this institution.  He has eliminated the child development center; he has moved the weekend evening program into enrollment management (a service area not an academics area); he has dismantled the graduate program.  He has no respect for the established tenure and promotion program (EDITOR NOTE: Which, in all seriousness, was flimsy and weak from everything that has been sent to us (faculty handbook).  The Chancellor went about the business of changing the procedures in a silly fashion but….we must agree with his motive on this one…the T&P program appears to be weak and in need of restructuring), SACS nor Research.

He uses the faculty senate for his advantage.  His classmate Dr. Shah and his friend Dr. Aileru ran the senate as Co Chairs last year.   Dr. Shah told the members of the senate what the Chancellor wanted them to do and that is what they did. Shah is still a member and Aileru in the vice chair for this year coming up.. 

The Tenure and Promotion policy was altered at the Chancellor level to include a criteria related to the length of time faculty had been at the institution (EDITOR NOTE:  Again…silly to do it this way but a needed change nevertheless).   Many qualified faculty were denied.  When questioned about this at a faculty meeting,  the Chancellor responded that he didn’t look at qualification he based his decision on time at the institution as recommended by the faculty.

He has sanctioned the misuse of state money by his administrative assistant. He communicates very little with the community. Walter Holmes’s contract from July 12, 2009 through June 30,2009 paid 55,000 for searches as determined by the Chancellor.”

Ivan Foster came in 2008 as interim……everyone knew that he was a friend of the family and he boasted that the Chancellor’s wife is his children’s God Mother.  Ivan moved here from Ohio with no experience in higher education and relitively little current HR experieince.  

 All total, this is an obvious abuse of the system and an obvious waste of  State funds.

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A Letter to the Chancellor: A Series #11

This is a letter sent to our inbox from a concerned faculty member who, we believe, has also forwarded this to members of the faculty on campus.:


Faculty colleagues,

Look at the administrators’ salaries.  This is the reason that these people are protecting Donald.  He has already destroyed the T & P procedures.  He has destroyed the integrity of the weekend and evening program by moving it to Enrollment Management, a sure sign that he absolutely does not know what he is doing.  Enrollment management is a service program not an academic program. 

Faculty don’t you know that this guy is destroying the academic, research and public service programs and athletics (i.e. the child development center).  And as long as the fat cats can go to parties at the Piedmont Club or the Chancellor’s house and get their salaries increased all of our problems will continue. You can forget academic excellence.  It will be interesting to know who receives an increase in salary this year at the expense of the people who were cut.

Wait until we face not meeting our enrollment projections because of the 200 student decrease in admissions.    Do you, Donald, know how much money 200 full time students will bring to this university?  You will know next year if we don’t meet our projections for this year!

He has destroyed an excellent lab for School of Education students (by cutting the early childhood center). He has cut the effectiveness of the Graduate School.  Remember he said that he cares nothing about SACS nor Research.   It is funny that his goal is increasing retention and the graduation rates.  He does not know that the lab for education students is a means to that end?  He does not know that the graduate school is a means to that end ?  He does not know that weekend and evening classes is a means to that end?  He does not know that the University College, not Enrollment Management, is designed to enhance programs and schools in increasing retention and graduation rates?  

What is the problem with the University College?  Why can’t Donald see the importance of this college for our young Hispanic, White and African American students?  He can’t see because it  is a product of Dr. Harold Martin.  There in lies the problem.  Reaves has tried to dismantle every aspect of the university that is connected to Dr. Harold Martin.  Donald, you will do a better job if your focus was not on Dr. Martin.  You will never measure up in any way to him.  It is a little strange that you have this obsession.

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We’re back, and, More Comments on the RIF

SpookWe’ve been out of the country on business/vacation for the last week or so.  I’ve missed a few things but I thank you for bringing me back up to speed.  Please remember that if you have FACTUAL information you’d like to share send it to firedonaldreaves@yahoo.com.  We’re going to start doing a better job of fact checking as we’ve received some information recently (and posted it) that we’ve found to be true, but just barely.  We’ll talk about that later.  Another casualty of the RIF from the comments section below:


Dr.  Karl Rodabaugh, Director of Evening and Weekend Programs, was dismissed through the RIF plan.  The RIF plan was supposed to eliminate individuals paid from state funds. Dr. Karl Rodabough is paid through Title III federal funds.  This is a bad mistake in the eyes of the employees.  The financial and HR records on the individual were not checked.  He was also teaching a class that Provost Bailey did not know about.

This makes us wonder about criteria or the lack of criteria for cutting individuals. Did the planners bother to review records?  Was the provost anxious to dismiss this individual for some other reason? What will happen to his duties? Provost, did you bother to notice the significant number of students that have been brought in by this program?  Are you still angry because his area challenged your own school (the business school) to produce?

Now the RIF planners will have to gather and talk about how to get out of this situation. Many other individuals in HR, IT, payroll, accounting and the Provost’s office will have to clean up the situation.  State personnel and GA will have to reverse their records.  The Administration will probably dismiss another individual in his place.   Mr. Bowles, this is not good.  If you call the Chancellor he will say he knows nothing about this.  He is right.   But tell us, what kind of administrator would not take the time to make sure that every “I” is dotted and every “T” is crossed when it comes to something as significant and important in the lives of people in a RIF plan? 

Donald Reaves is on a permanent vacation at WSSU.  What are his duties?   If he is not responsible for what happens here then why is he here? By the way how much has this mistake cost the state?   WSSU not be able to take many more of these mistakes and misuse of funds.  Examples: $86,000 (financial aid) +$56,000 (Dr. Caldwell)+$350,000 (unexplained payment to the foundation)+$74,000 (misappropriations from chancellor’s office) + $55,000 (consultant Holmes) +$10,000 (wasted paint) +(table Clothes +1,000 (celebration at the Piedmont) and + many others including purchases of whiskey for chancellor, private flights for Kevin Myatt, Myatt’s trips in to play golf with Reaves, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and Links parties, those Chicago Strategic Planners and, most of all, the administrator salaries (plus the loss in student enrollment). The money that has been wasted at this university since Donald arrived would take care of a good bit of the cost that was supposed to have been saved through the reduction in force that is needed at this university.

When are you going to act, Mr. President?

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Spook-cover2Yes……I know…that’s the whole point.  This is the release from Nancy Young….the PR Director….the person in charge of messaging for the University…hired illegally by the Chancellor….still at the University…..no intervention from GA yet.  This is only the tip.  We’ve recieved so many examples of this nonsense from her desk.  We’ll share with you this week…….example below.

News Release

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RIFs and The Final Straw

minstrealYesterday 16 people lost their jobs due to the Reduction in Force program implemented by the administration at WSSU.  This is after multiple drafts of the plan (or at least the letter that was to go to those who would lose their jobs) were rejected several times by the University System for being, among other things, uncaring and unprofessional.  Well yesterday just proved what we knew was the case all along: complete incompetence from top to bottom….a modern day minstreal show for all to see. 

We’ve discussed the Chancellor adnauseum.

HR….you’re a disgrace.

Compliance/EEO….you’re a disgrace.  If you signed off on this somebody at the State should have your job right along with the rest of those clowns.

And now we’re to the man of the hour….Gerald Hunter.  So Gerald….you finally got what you wanted: Your Budget Director’s head on a platter.  You see….you think you’re smart to cover your actions (which were retaliatory in nature as reported to me by EVERYONE who has ever heard you say that you didn’t like the Director and you wanted to get rid of her) with the RIF.  WSSU, you were told the RIF was about creating efficiencies through the elimination of “positions/programs…not people.”  So…they eliminated their Budget Program?  No:  they targeted an individual and treated her like she stole something from the University.

They walked her out of the building under police escort….

She wanted to go to Blair to tell her son what was going on and they kept her under police escort while she went…like she was being FIRED (not like they were sorry to see her go as would be the case if this were actually a professionally done RIF procedure and not a clown show for all to see). 

This is what they think of you, WSSU…they treat a RIF like a common firing. 

They don’t understand nuance….they treat their own people much worse than modern day professional white people ever thought about treating us. 

I’d love to compare the program at UNC-G and their handling of their folks to the shuffling and stepping show that is Winston-Salem State University under the leadership of this Chancellor. Gerald…you showed your hand…and you did it to a 30 year vet, a beautiful person and loyal employee.  You fired a person, not a position, and ALL of WSSU hopes she makes you pay for it.  You’re a disgrace!   You work for a disgraceful individual, and you’ve now helped turn a proud school into a poisinous environment.  It doesn’t matter how close she was to retirement…..you’ll come to understand that when you get a call from the legion of attorney’s you see lining up on MLK Jr. Drive.

And do you all know what the Final Straw is:  The Senior Administrators decided that today (one day after firing 16 people) would be a fantastic day to have a private party at the exclusive and expensive Piedmont Club to honor the “retiring” attorney and the transition of the Provost office to the incoming leader.  Mind you…they already had one modest celebration on campus for the attorney.  A day after firing 16 people….they decided to have an expensive party in a room overlooking the city….on University time and on the University account. 

You people in Administration have neither the sense God gave a gnat or the compassion of a goat!

How about paying for some career counseling for those you fired instead of a party at an exclusive club?

How about having some paid grief counselors on site for those you fired instead of desert overlooking the city?

How about giving folks some transition time instead of waiting until the last second to give them the news?

President Bowels…….the people of the City are waiting for your response.  WS Journal…WS Chronicle…the people of the City and WSSU are waiting for you to ask some questions….any questions.  Is there anyone out there listening to the people at WSSU…..or are you all at the party on the top floor at the Piedmont Club watching the spooks drown below?

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A Letter to the Chancellor: A Series #10


Send information to firedonaldreaves at yahoo dot com

Dear President Bowles,

    After you have been presented information regarding Donald Reaves and his ill fit for WSSU, higher education, the WS Community, a state institution and a HBCU,  are you saying by your salience you agree with Donald, WSSU is not worthy of attention?   Are you prepared to face individuals who have worked hard to see that this institution survives?  Are you prepared to look our students in the eye and admit that you agree with Reaves that they are not as good as other students in the system?  Are you prepared to face our alumni after agreeing with Reaves that we do not deserve an athletics program (Editor Note: I’ve never heard the Chancellor say that)?  Do you agree with Reaves that our programs and initiatives are not up to standard (Editor Note: Well…..that’s sad, but true in many instances)?

    Are you prepared to say that Reaves is doing a good job at this university? This is what he has done:

  1. Contributed $100,000 to the University (Editor Note: Ummmmm…show us that canceled check.  People, as far as we can tell that contribution never took place).
  2. Fired Robert Botley to open the position for a friend (Editor Note:  Well…..not really).
  3. Covered up the misuse of state funds by an individual in his office and even named her assistant secretary for the BOT after knowing that she has committed criminal offenses.
  4. Employed Gerald Hunter as Vice-Chancellor of administration and business affairs instead a very well qualified person, Darrell Brunette.
  5. Lengthened the business processes and made them so cumbersome that it takes weeks to get through and then you may discover that someone has lost your paper work. This has caused loss of state funds in late fees, increased interest (P-Card), abuse of P-Cards and duplicating efforts on the part of faculty and staff to get through the business processes.
  6. Hired a Executive Vice Chancellor for Administration to be the pit bull in the administration.  She has approached many employees with demands to commit illegal acts in hiring, firing, spying etc. She was supposed to oversee retention and graduation rates through the enrollment management division. Now he has employed a person to head up retention and graduation.  These are functions under the University College and enrollment management.  Is this his retention initiative?  Is this how he planned to save State funds?
  7. He ordered a drop in enrollment, maybe Don does not realize student enrollment is how the university gets its state funding .
  8. He said that he was bringing in the very best professionals in the country. Ivan Foster was hired as associate vice president for human resources.  This individual cannot even speak coherently about his department (He’s not even on the level of the last guy who quit b/c of their nonsense…and they have made him vanish.  The two people on this campus who know the State rules and law (Hanes and Turner) your administration has buried, President Bowles.  Now, you tell me how that happens and no one is asking questions?  Foster knows nothing….don’t take it from me, just ask your own HR folks in Chapel Hill.  WSSU, you folks need to be asking these questions.  You’re getting ready to lose your jobs and your experts have been locked up?  Why?).  His direct reports are asked to speak for him at important meetings.  After two years Ivan is still allowing Reaves to break state laws in hiring and firing at a cost to taxpayers.  He hired Nancy Young on a part time basis and gave her full benefits which were a blatant miss use of state policies and funds. I guess you know that Ms. Young’s benefits have been stopped and the position will be advertised. He has paid Walter Holmes $150/hr to run searches for senior administration. I guess it would be too much for him to use the same process as NC A&T (Editor Note: Well, it’s not like A&T is the model of perfection either.  Let’s keep it real).
  9. He has wasted state funds through unnecessary salary money, attorney fees, re-hiring for employees who were fired wrongly (and he lied to the State about regarding his involvement), law suits, dinners, failed concerts, overpaying some employees (See Fosters $125,000 salary (UNCG & A&T HR Directors…you should be pissed)Colvin’s $175,000 salary……$175,000…what a joke), writing unsubstantiated checks to the foundation.
  10. He sponsored a golf tournament at which he spent the entire time with Ernie Pit.
  11. Hired Michelle Cook as Foundation Director and as Vice Chancellor of advancement -a real conflict of interest.
  12. He blatantly and admittedly disregards state laws, equal opportunity laws, SACS, research, graduate school, and tenure and promotion criteria.
  13. Donald Reaves hires weak and inexperienced people so that he will not stand out like a sore thumb. That is why he chose Brenda Allen as Provost.
  14. Why would you, Chancellor Reaves, not jump at the chance to employ Mr. Sterling Spainhonor, an experienced  and highly respected lawyer with years working in Winston-Salem, North Carolina?
  15. He has made a true mess of the DI issue. He upset the alumni and embarrassed them across the nation.
  16. He and you know he has no ties with the community.

    He cannot administer to an institution that has lost all respect for him, just as you will not be able to administer to a system when all respect for you has been lost. When you make mistakes correct them.

   The Faculty

CC: Donald Reaves, Hannah Gage

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A letter to the Chancellor: A Series #9

Spook-Country-William-Gibson-unabridged-compact-discsDear Colleagues,

It’s a sign of relief that the end of administrative hegemony has ended. We hope that the new faculty chair can get back on track to protect and preserve the autonomy of the “independent voice” of WSSU faculty. `As you well know, this past year there has not been any movement to address the issues raised by faculty.

Instead, the past chair became an instrument of “selling out” the faculty concerns in order to satisfy the need for his own recognition, a malady that seems to spread at WSSU from top down, an infection worse than the HIV crisis. Faculty working loads have been violated with the excuse that the budget crisis demands such measures. After providing a document for the graduate faculty workload, no response from the Chancellor was ever received despite the fact that the constitution outlines procedures and timelines.

Tenure has been denied without reading our portfolios.  This has been publicly acknowledged and recorded, a blatant violation of our property rights (Editor Note: not sure that you have a property right in tenure that has not yet been granted?). What planet in academia does this (Deleted by Editor) come from? 

For the last three-years, we have heard this outdated flower-generation rhetoric and nothing has been accomplished. Deans need to collaborate with the faculty instead of staying below the radar for fear of retaliation. Many chairs should be replaced for they adhere to the same philosophy and rhetoric of an old era that is no longer relevant or functional.

The above phrase is nothing more than the same crock we have heard from the chancellor: “blame someone else for his failures”.  Now, he has decided to blame GA, by saying that he does not get direction from them nor are they clear in their directives.  Since when has this truck driver ever followed directions or listened to the voice of reason? (Editor Note: Certainly not since arriving in Winston-Salem).  Does the Emperor have on any clothes? (Editor Note: No…he does not and is too arrogant and hard headed to admit it and  acknowledge that he needs help finding his pants and shoes). 

 The administrators he has hand picked by violating the search process and acquiescence from Shah, are nothing more than clones who have sold their professionalism and souls because otherwise no other university would have employed them.   Subash Shah used “anecdotal reference” for his conclusions.  What that means is one or two comments from his little circle of the old network that hide behind tenure and have been unproductive. They do not bring new ideas, hardly do any work and give grades to students for practically doing nothing.

Thank God we no longer have to read those e-mails forwarded by the chair during the last few years. We hope that the new faculty chair is able to stay independent, follow the voice of the faculty and stay away from that infectious disease that has slowly paralyzed WSSU. Our next agenda should include a VOTE of No Confidence in this Chancellor!!! Remember to wear Black every 11th day of the month. Let’s collaborate with the staff senate in order to restore WSSU to its former status.

Independent Faculty for a better WSSU.

CC: Erskine Bowles, Hannah Gage, Harold Martin, Larry Womble, Nigel Alston, Marshall Bass,Donald Reaves

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A Letter to the Chancellor: A Series, #8


Please send any information to firedonaldreaves at yahoo dot com

President Bowles (and Chancellor Reaves),

Chancellor RaVonda has been busy. Her tenure has been profitable for her and her family and followers. Let’s take a look at her administration, shall we?

  1. Chancellor RaVonda cut a deal with (Deleted:  Watch your content). She got his son hired on campus in exchange for his support of her decision to hire BFF Nancy (no degree) Young.
  2. Chancellor RaVonda is quietly stacking the BOT in her favor so that she can keep her job when the mess hits the fan (Didn’t she just get a position on the BOT yesterday?). She is now buddies with the co-mayor who wants to be a trustee. She got VJ on the board for a sizeable donation. Oh yeah remember that they are part of the Sunday brunch bunch.


3.     Chancellor RaVonda entertained her Links group last fall on the school’s dime. Check and see if she didn’t use the school’s Piedmont Club account.

4.     Chancellor RaVonda entertained the Alpha Phi Alpha wives last summer with a dinner meeting at the Chancellor’s dining room on campus, claiming the dinner was “on her” and charging it to the school.


5      Chancellor RaVonda and first man Emery hosted the Alpha Phi Alpha Christmas party at the school in December, where she tended bar (Deleted). Payment to the school’s catering department was handled solely through her.


6      Chancellor RaVonda has been designated as the “travel agent” for her circle of friends, reserving rooms at various hotels for Alpha Kappa Alpha functions such as regional conferences and the big convention in Washington last summer. She booked rooms using her trusty school credit card and then collected cash payments from her friends and never reimbursed the school. These same friends serve on committees for the school. They can be found in the Bowman Grey box on Saturday afternoons.


7.     She uses Reaves’s post office account to send items and gifts overnight to her family and friends (Editor Note: of course, most people in the Office of the Chancellor, I’m sure, have abused this privilege one way or the other along the way i.e. making personal photo copies, long distance calls, dropping personal letters in the university mail, etc.  Happens at every school in the UNC System, we’re sure)


8      Chancellor RaVonda took the entire baby AKAs to Greensboro to a resort spa. Who paid for this?

 9.  Chancellor RaVonda hired her daughter for a campus job when she was a student and got away with it because they have different last names

All you have to do, President Bowles, is check the records.  These are all facts that can’t be denied.

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A Letter to the Chancellor: A Series #7


Continuing our series of letters that have been sent to General Administration.  Have more?  Please send them (and keep it clean!!!) to firedonaldreaves at yahoo.com


Dear Chancellor Reaves,

What makes you think having an ice cream social will make you happy? Why did you ask RaVonda to send that message for you?

Are you on campus or just playing golf? Don’t you have many things to take care of at the University? For example, on September 13, 2008 a particular sorority came to campus (Alpha Kappa Alpha, and NOT the undergraduate chapter).  Their bill was paid by your office (we mean the taxpayers) on multiple occasions.  Why do you continue to protect wrong doing? What are you afraid of?  Is RaVonda going to tell on you (What does she have to tell….is that why you aren’t dismissing her)?

 So is it true that there will be a new Board Chair?  We have made copies of a very comprehensive package to be delivered to the new chair.  Now, our sources say that you have offered a “reward” for anyone who can identify the author of the letters that are mailed to you. Our name is LEGIONS (as in, everybody…including those in your vaunted inner circle), and we come from the inside. Our letters are based on truth and information we get from those you have abused at WSSU and in the City more generally.

Don’t you know(Deleted:  Watch your content)?  Do you remember the Christmas Ball…..RaVonda had to beg to get people to attend.  What does that tell you about how you are regarded?  You can’t stand it when someone slips and calls you Harold Martin. Why do you hate him? Why do you spread rumors about him in public?  I bet it just burned your hips completely off when he approached you at the Alpha Cookout last weekend and shook your hand….like a real man, a real leader would do.  You didn’t have the courage or common sense to congratulate the man on his new job at NC A&T…because you HATE that he’s back in the neighborhood (And the Mrs. Dr. Reaves hates it too….Ms. Reaves, you really have to be careful what you say to some of these white folk in the city.  We know you don’t make the time to spend with us poor folk in East Winston, but your comfort level on the West side of town can get you into trouble.  Just an FYI)!!!

 We keep the state auditor busy (the real one, not the guy you hired). Do you know what happened to the previous A&T chancellor? Any day now the “niggers and spooks” (your words, not ours) are going to move you out of town! You said that didn’t you….. and the people heard you!!!  Be a man not a coward and admit it.  If you don’t, we’ll pull it out of you bit by bit.  We’re just waiting for the right moment to send all our information to the State Attorney.

Dr. Reaves, we know when you are in the office and out and where you are (It’s called Twitter and IM and texting, Chancellor….no one has to use a phone or send an email from the campus server so stop trying to get Glen Holms to do your dirty work for you). We know your phone expenses (quite high….who are you calling so much.  Oh never mind, we know that too).  So what is going on with Nancy Young? Are you paying her to do a public relations campaign?  If so, you need to reconsider.  If these last emails she sent out with multiple spelling errors is any indication of her talent…you’re in trouble! What is going to happen to Brenda Allen, the new Provost?  Poor soul, does she know what she is getting into…what you have created for her? So you robbed (I mean settled with) I mean robbed Chico!  So why is Pat not reporting crime on campus? (Deleted by Editor:  Watch your content). Don’t you know that is a violation for the university not to report crime? What are you going to tell the parents of students, that the campus is not safe and that the police cannot keep track of crime? You have no clue about this city and you don’t care because you are not investing your time in making friends in this city. Wasting money on having special table clothes made for your Chicago friend…..pathetic.

Oh, and why haven’t you paid the one hundred thousand dollars you promised the school the first day you walked in?  I suspect its b/c you simply don’t tell the truth. So long, will write you later.

CC: Erskine Bowles, Nigel Alston, Larry Womble, Hannah Gage, Marshall Bass

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